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Maintain Your Privacy Online with the VPNGuvnor

The UK recently passed the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. It is expected to become law before the year ends. This bill was instigated in 2012 and was referred to as the snooper’s charter.

It requires Internet service providers to maintain a record of the websites that users visit for a year or so. In addition, it obliges the companies to decrypt data as well as provide government security services a power to hack into computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

This law has made a lot of people anxious about the way they surf the Web. They become worried that their activities will be tracked and monitored.

If you are one of these people, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your online activities private and secure. You can still browse your favorite websites without worrying that other people will look at what you are doing.

If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can check out reviews for the best VPN UK has to offer.

Some people may recommend that you use free proxies. However, there are certain problems that come with using these proxies. For starters, you cannot be exactly sure of who runs them.

These people could be online criminals or hackers who are after your sensitive data. They may also be CIA honeypots. You will really never know for sure. What’s more, these proxies are slow and unreliable.

So, if you want to visit websites or watch your favorite shows, you should use a VPN instead.

The best VPN for the UK includes paid and free ones. Private individuals and even multinational companies have long relied on VPNs to extend their private networks across the global Internet.

Through these VPNs, they send their traffic over the Internet without having to shell out large amounts of money. Plus, they can rest assure that their data are securely sent.

Private individuals tend to pay less since they do not generally transfer large amounts of data over the Internet.

The traffic from your computer automatically gets encrypted and sent to the server of your VPN provider. Thus, your ISP is not able to view the final receiver of your data.

The records of the ISP only contain the server addresses of the VPN. If you travel a  lot and are often out of the country, you should get a VPN. This is especially true if you have to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your traffic will stay protected against people who check out your data and steal your passwords. Using a VPN lets you continue watching your favorite TV series even when you are out of the country. Basically, it would be like you never really left home.

US Netflix, for example, is limited in some countries like Australia and Thailand. So, when you go there, you may not be able to watch your shows due to copyright issues. Good thing you can use a VPN. Even if you are not in the United States, you can still watch the shows available there and this also works for unblocking Hulu Plus as well as HBO Go and HBO Now.

You can try a free UK VPN to see if it is right for you. If you liked your experience, you can subscribe and upgrade. VPNs do not really cost that much money.

When selecting a VPN, you should check out the number and location of the servers. You should also know about their privacy policies as well as their supported applications.

Moreover, you have to inquire about their price and speed.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two of the most popular VPNs. The previous is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Android. You can also use it on your iPad and iPhone.

In fact, it even claims to be the most advanced VPN in the world. It offers additional techniques that can help obfuscate your real IP much better than an ordinary VPN connection.

Nonetheless, it really is easy and quick to use.

The latter is also a great VPN. You can use it to view any content from anywhere in the world.

You do not have to worry about slow connections as well. You can unblock websites and applications.

You are free to access them without being censored. It is also easy to setup. You can use it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It also features applications that allow you to unblock websites with just a click and secure your connection. You can even use a Smart DNS proxy like Unlocator if a VPN isn’t your thing.

Once you sign up, you can install it on your device and connect to the Internet. Furthermore, they offer customer support.

So, if you have any issues or questions, you can contact them for assistance via the live chat feature.

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