How to Watch 123movies Safely in the UK

123movies, at its height, was termed as “the most popular illegal site in the world.” This led to action by many countries hunting it down.

It was receiving around 100 million visitors per month, which put it right in the middle of the MPAA’s radar.

Not only this, but many countries blocked it, even the UK followed suit. This left lovers of the site with no access to free movies.

Watch 123movies Online Safely

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This guide shows you what happened to 123movies, and how you can still access it from the UK with no repercussions.

123movies the Story So Far

In the UK and many other countries, users can find when they search that 123movies not working. This is from the blocks by ISP’s, which were enforced by government bodies.

Even the sites alternate domains were blocked, such as, which was checked and found “Domain does not resolve” in July 2019. The same was found for and many other domains.

The reason being, the site was hosted in Vietnam as a way to hide from these authorities. At the time, the US Ambassador in Vietnam spoke with the local government to take action. Because of this, there was a message posted by 123movies admin.

“Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends, and thanks for staying with us that long, respect filmmakers, and pay for the movies and TV-shows instead of pirating them.”

The Next Step for 123movies

As it stands, there are still sites like 123movies, which use the same name. Some are clones or copycats, or they are linked with the original, and no one is saying anything.

123movies can be found under new names of GoMovies or GoStream. Yet, these are facing the same kinds of struggles. At present, these are still delivering free movies online.

Is 123movies Legal?

The UK is one of the toughest countries when it comes to piracy. In some countries, it can be classed as legal to stream online. However, the UK may take a different approach and view of it.

At present, hardly anyone has been prosecuted for illegal streaming, yet this doesn’t mean to say you should do so without worry.

It was the site’s move to Vietnam as a solution to get around the 123movies legal issues, along with not hosting content and only offering links.

In the USA, they didn’t pay any licensing fees for the content regardless if it was hosted on the site or not.

Is 123movies Safe?

There are no real 123movies online, and the ones you can find may not be associated with the world’s biggest movie streaming site.

There have been reports of systems being infected with viruses or malware. This is due to underhanded individuals taking advantage of the 123movies name.

To top this, using these sites is not safe from the legal side of things, and the MPAA is targeting these, as well as the MPAA targeting visitors to the site.

ISP’s for one can see when you visit them, and with data retention, they can provide government agencies with user data if they request it.

alternative to 123movies

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123movies Alternatives

Every movie lover will try to find a way, and an alternative to 123movies is the likely result. There is no saying where these alternatives are located or the purpose of their existence.

Here are some of the more common alternative links:,,,

The above uses the same name, whereas, there are other sites which are in no way associated:,,

One area as an alternative, but not often mentioned, is the 123movies Kodi add-on. This may get around some of the restrictions because you are not directly accessing the website.

However, in 2017, the EU Court of Justice confirmed any streaming on Kodi boxes constitutes as copyright infringement.

However, many content creators are using advanced watermarking techniques, which pinpoints the origin of free online movie streaming.

UK internet accounts can be instantly be blocked if there is any such activity found. This can halt your movie streams in an instant.

Unblock 123movies with a VPN

To access any streaming site to watch your favourite movies or TV shows needs to be done with a VPN. This should be done anywhere, but none more so than the UK.

When using a top-rated VPN service, your IP address is encrypted and spoofed. You can change an outgoing server to be in any other country.

These countries may allow streaming and have fewer restrictions on blocked websites.

Out of the top VPN providers, the best recommendation in many areas is ExpressVPN. This is straightforward to sign up for, and users will be fully protected away from any eyes that are watching.

Here are the quick steps to sign up for this world-class VPN.

  1. Navigate to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select your plan – 15 months for the price of 12.
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Select a payment option. There are many payment options available.
  5. Check your confirmation email
  6. Download the app for your device
  7. Install the app and paste the key included in your email.

Once installed, you can change the server to one of 94 countries, to one, which has fewer restrictions. You are fully protected, and there are no IP leaks of any kind.

To make sure you have the best protection from any suspect 123movies site, or from the risk of any governing body clamping down even harder and blocking more streaming sources, or targeting users.

You can sign up for ExpressVPN to test all their features by using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

A month is more than long enough to find this VPN is the best for the UK and its strict regulations on streaming.

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