How to Install Alluc on Kodi 17

To be sure of streaming all the best movies and TV shows, then Alluc is a fantastic choice.

This isn’t so much of an Alluc review, but more of an installation guide for one of the best Kodi add-ons any user can make full use of.

The Alluc add-on for Kodi is a little different to others, so we will look at all you need to know.

Alluc as best kodi add-ons

This add-on requires users to sign up for an Alluc account, so they can access the massive database of content.

Alluc TV allows you to stay bang up to date with all the newest episodes, and new or classic movies.

Why is Alluc Different?

When you first begin installing this, it acts like a Kodi build rather than being an add-on for Kodi. Once installed it searches the web to find content form over 700 Alluc stream sources. To a certain extent, it is a search engine rather than delivering titles for you to select.

You also need to follow the Alluc register process. This you can do from the All-U-C website. Once you have this, you will enter your username and password in the properties area of the add-on.

Once this is done, you can launch the add-on to find all the best Alluc movies.

How to Install Alluc Kodi Krypton 17 or Higher

  1. Start the Kodi app and click on the “Gear” icon.
  2. Select “File Manager” from the listed options
  3. Click “Add Source” to enter the URL
  4. Double-click “None” and enter the URL exactly:
  5. Give a name to the media source “Kodil Repo” Click OK.
  6. Click the Media Source you added “Kodil Repo.” You are now ready to install from zip file.
  7. Select the “”.
  8. Select “Video add–ons” – Alluc and Click Install from repository.
  9. You can make full use of streaming with Alluc Kodi add-on.

How to Download and Install the Alluc Kodi add-on, on a Computer

  1. Download
  2. Open Kodi and select Add-ons then Install from Zip File.
  3. search for the location you saved the
  4. Press/ click to start.

This method also works with USB’s. Just copy the to the flash drive and insert it into your device. Start Kodi Krypton and locate the file in the same manner, but point Kodi toward your flash drive. then click install the Alluc add-on.

Install Alluc KodiInstall Alluc on an Amazon FireStick

  1. Turn on your TV with your Amazon Fire Stick plugged in.
  2. Click See All.
  3. In the App menu, select Kodi.
  4. You will see the initialising screen.
  5. Once Kodi opens, you be in the Main Menu. Head to settings (gear icon).
  6. Select System Settings.
  7. Head to Add-ons then Unknown Sources toggle to enabled
  8. Select Yes when you see the warning message.
  9. Navigate back to the System menu.
  10. Select Covenant/ or other add-on. Hold down the remotes round centre button.
  11. Select Settings.
  12. Scroll to the ALLUC section and select API.
  13. Input the API code you received from Alluc.
  14. Navigate back to the home screen to use your device

As you can see, the add-on installer works very differently than other add ons for Kodi.

Alluc Not Working

When you install Kodi Alluc, you may encounter a couple of errors on occasions. Here are what you may face when Alluc not working.

Login Error

Once you install the Alluc Kodi add-on, you might see the welcome pop-up. Once you have accepted the disclaimer, you might not proceed to the login screen.

This can be because your account isn’t registered correctly or not registered at all. You need to head to this address and make sure you sign up correctly: You should receive a confirmation email which contains the confirmation link, be sure to click on this to confirm your email address.

Failed to Install a dependency

This can be the most common error with Kodi add-ons from different Kodi repositories.

The solution is to make sure you deactivate repos which are no longer in operation. Kodi automatically searches for info or updates from all the repos installed. This will cause an error if there is a repo which no longer works.

If you can’t do this manually, you can install the Indigo add-on and reset your Kodi from the rejuvenate option.

No Results found

Something can break the links to shows and movies. You will have days when there are no results found and days there are plenty of results.

This error may not be anything wrong with this add-on for Kodi. There may not be any results to deliver. You can double check your search query at this address:

If you still have problems, you can try one of the Alluc alternative add-ons. These include MovieK and SolarMovie as the main two.

Using Alluc with a VPN

Because Alluc get so much attention, it may suffer the fate of other add-ons. With this in mind, it is highly recommended to use the best VPN to make sure all your connections are encrypted and secure.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Kodi. With military grade encryption and the best download speeds, you can watch any streaming content without buffering.

The company is based outside the 5-eyes or 14-eyes jurisdiction so no one can go knocking on their door asking for user data.

To top this, the sign-up process is the easiest you can wish for.

Just select your plan, add your email address and choose your payment method. As soon as you get a confirmation email.

Select install for your device and you are fully protected as soon as the installation finishes successfully.

One of the best things is you can use this as a free VPN for the first month. They have a no argument/ cancel anytime 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try it out and reap all the benefits while you make full use of the Alluc add-on and Kodi in complete privacy.

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