6 (Actually Working) Pirate Bay Alternative

It is just over Ten years ago when four men were found guilty and sentenced to prison for running The Pirate-Bay. TPB, one of the most reliable torrent sites used by millions of users.

Back then, Peter Sunde stated the PB would continue. A decade later his claims were holding true until the PB went down for over a week in May.

In March 2009, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström, were on the final day of the trial featuring The Pirate Bay.

Pirate Bay Alternatives

The night before the site was offline. Although torrent lovers were worried, the site reappeared once again after Fredrik fixed the problem while in custody.

With prison terms and large fines, the site’s operator and his partners were defiant. The way the PB has stood since, is as if the trial never happened.

Here we will look at 6 working alternatives to the Pirate Bay torrent site, and how you can torrent anonymously using any on the list.

Why Use Pirate Bay Alternatives?

While the PB was down, there are a couple of other reasons why alternatives can be a good
choice. In 2017, scripts were found in the code of the site, and users who were downloading torrent files from the site were unaware their PC was being used to mine Monero, a cryptocurrency.

Second, TPB is blocked in many countries, so there is the chance it won’t show on any searches.

This is like geo-restrictions, and these need bypassing. Lastly are the copies of the PB that sprung up.

These may not be as reliable, and can use ads or something more malicious against the users of these fake PB sites.

With that, here are the most reliable working PB alternatives.

Best Pirate Bay Alternatives

KickassTorrents as alternative fo Pirate Bay

1. KickassTorrents

The original KickAss Torrents disappeared, because it had the same fate as the original PB. However, its dedicated operators have given the torrent site a new life in the form of Katcr.co.

It may not yet be as efficient as their ancestor, but it is growing again. Even now, it’s a great alternative to PB when you need it.

The torrent site features a user interface that is almost comparable to KAT, and it shows a vast array of torrents.

KickassTorrents (KAT) hosts many torrent files and magnet links for films, TV series, software, games, music and more.

Users can classify torrents according to date, size, seeds, and age, etc. This is one of the many reasons KAT won tremendous popularity. These characteristics were subsequently copied by several other torrent websites, though none surpasses the ease of use and familiarity of KAT.

2. Torrentz2

The website is quite minimalist and free of ads on the main page. Torrentz2 is a successor to the original Torrentz.eu site. You can now find the site at torrentz.io.

The meta-search engine is transparent on the fact that it isn’t related to the “real” Torrentz and is placed as a new and enhanced version. The torrent indexer brings more than 61 million torrents from different sites.

This torrent website is not the same as the PB, but it will help you find your torrent download. The site offers quick search results, but you will see banner ads on your results pages.

It is still one of the more popular alternatives to Pirate Bay. You can see this from the high Alexa rank the site holds.

3. YTS.am

YTS.am isn’t the original YTS/YIFY website, but rather a very good clone. It is a very convenient site to find high quality movies in as small a file size as possible.

After the demise of the original YIFY/YTS, this site took its rightful place and since then has won out of many popular torrent sites with its unique style.

It is easy to navigate, and you can see at a glance all the major movie downloads that are available.

There is no need to search for torrent files and magnet links. You click on the file image, and on the follow on page, you have the file info and download options.

4. Torlock

Torlock refers to itself as “the No Fake Torrents site” and is devoted to only list 100%
verifiable torrents.

It in fact pays users who can discover fake torrent files. This should mean all files are legit torrents, no matter where the site pulls the sources.

The main page of this Pirate Bay alternative offers a list of the best torrents in different categories offering music, games, software, the latest TV series and movies free.

It is one of the top sites like pirate bay, and has a familiar look, though in a very updated and funky design. The site has some intrusive ads, so be prepared for that.

You cannot sort the content of the home page, but by opening the category pages, you can sort torrents by date, size, pairs, seeds and others.


This TV torrent distribution group has been around since 2005. Its focus is TV shows, but that shouldn’t detract from the wealth of content the site offers.

It loads fast and users are presented with a dated interface, but which is easy to navigate.

There is a large list of torrent links, which has the newest first and is listed by the time they were uploaded.

You have the magnet link and the torrent link followed by the file size, the date released and the number of seeds.

Once you select a link, you have further file information and the download links. This can be one of the best torrenting site alternatives for PB when it comes to organised content for TV shows.

6. iDope

This is quite a new site, and the name may have eluded a few torrent fans. It looks like any other torrent search engines with just a search bar.

You do have a menu button where you can choose from verified torrents, recent torrents, movies, torrents, TV torrents, Apps torrents, and music and game torrents.

From either the search bar or these options, you get results fast. Above the search bar, there is a tribute to Kickass. The site does claim they don’t track users who visit the site.

It does say that idope.xyz is an improved version from the idope.top that was shut down.

It now offers a single click download once you have the torrent link of the file you are looking for. Users can download an Android apk directly.

A chrome plugin unfortunately appears to have now gone.

best vpn for torrenting

Torrents and VPN’s

When you connect to the internet, it does this through your ISP. This is the company, which assigns you an IP address.

Because they issue this address, they can trace any internet activity back to you. This means whatever you do online, they will see it.

With the UK being one of the strictest countries against piracy, there is a harsh stance against anyone who takes part in the practice.

All the above PB alternatives serve up free movies and TV shows. These are in most cases copyright protected.

To stamp out this, the top torrenting sites, UK officials have banned and blocked.

What makes this worse for torrent users is that every time you use a torrent client, your IP address is open for anyone to view it.

It is for this reason; torrent downloaders need to remain anonymous while online. The only way of doing this efficiently is to use a VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your IP address as it leaves your system. As soon as this happens, your ISP won’t see what you are doing, and neither will any agency working on behalf of the movies studios.

You can download torrents safely, and you can even access some of the PB alternatives, which are blocked inside the UK. All it takes is to install a VPN and change the country of access to another.

VPN’s do slow down connections a little, and some VPN providers don’t allow torrenting on their network. This can make the choice all the more difficult for users.

However, to save all the hard work trying to find a VPN which meets any user’s needs. There is one recommendation that covers every area.

The best torrenting VPN offers optimised servers for torrenting; it delivers the best military-grade encryption, and is easy to use.

It comes with many more features, keeps a home internet connection safe, secure, and out of prying eyes.

ExpressVPN is the number one torrenting choice. This VPN service has a 30-day no argument money back guarantee.

Users can try it for this time like a free trial to test all the services. There is no other torrenting VPN that offers as much.

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