5 Showbox Alternatives (Showbox not Working)

The Showbox app allowed users to stream movies, news and shows, among other content free.

It became one of the more popular apps for Android and iOS, and then at the tail end of last year, it went off-line.

There are rumours it is off-line for good, but even if it is working as some users say, it is blocked in lots of different countries.

Showbox application for Kodi

We will look at what the Showbox app delivered, and then the top apps like that will still allow you to carry on streaming movies and TV to your device.

We will also look at how you can do this safely, as well as bypass any blocks that stop you from using your Showbox replacement.

What is Showbox?

The Showbox application is a multi-platform streaming app for mobile devices. It works, in the same way, a Popcorn Time, so it relies on streaming sources where most of them are using torrent technology.

It is this, which means while streaming, users of the app will stream content to other users who wish to view the same.

While there is a grey area surrounding the legality of streaming, when the movies and TV shows are uploaded, this is classed as piracy.

Either way, many agencies are watching users of apps like Showbox because of copyright infringement.

While the movie app went offline, it came back and went again. However, there are latest versions posted online, with the current one being Showbox 5.36 or 5.34 is a stable version.

Top 5 Showbox Alternatives

1. Cinema APK

This made a splash once Terrarium TV had problems and went down. It gained its popularity for being one of the best APK’s there is for streaming.

The apk file can be installed on phones, FireStick and FireTV devices easily.

There are masses of movies and shows available, which is updated continually. On occasions, you can find a new movie or show within several minutes of its original release.

Cinema APK is an excellent alternative to Showbox, which is worth checking out.

2. Sky HD

Many individuals think this is to do with SKY TV. It is nothing of the sort and is an excellent Showbox alternative. It is specific to an Android device and is very similar to Playbox HD.

Sky HD enables users to watch TV, video or live streaming in HD. It can also download content to watch offline, so using a Wi-Fi connection means users can make the most of their content on mobiles without wasting data.

While it is like Playbox, it has no original features, and it just makes use of a great user interface that is easy to navigate around.

This makes it a good alternative to Showbox, as well as being a great movie app in its own right.

3. Movie Box

For Android users, they may need to look at one of the other alternatives. This is the iOS version of Showbox.

It has the same layout and feels with all the same great TV shows. Movie Box will be installed using a similar method to Showbox for Android, yet on iOS devices.

It has all the latest content as you would expect, and it has frequent updates. There is also no need for registration, so you install and use the free movie app.

Movie Box may be the iOS version, yet it is a great alternative to Showbox as a standalone app.

4. MegaBox HD

This is another Android only Showbox application. MegaBox HD delivers all content in HD, yet there are options to lower this if users have bandwidth restrictions or a slower internet connection while on the go.

There is not a standout feature much like other Android variants, but it is a simple and useful app for free shows and movies.

5. Kodi

While Kodi needs some messing about to get it set up and running. When you compare Kodi vs Showbox, this great media player still fills the gap as one of the best alternatives to Showbox. Kodi also has a couple of advantages over Showbox online.

Kodi can be configured how users like it and it can also stream legal content rather than just copyrighted movies, shows or sports.

It will be a long time before this great app is pushed aside as one of the top alternatives to any streaming app.

VPN for Showbox Alternatives

Using Showbox Alternatives Safely

All of the above apps have one thing in common. This includes Kodi. If they can’t be accessed from inside the UK, then they stand a good chance they are blocked in the same way as torrent sites, Kodi add-ons and free streaming sites.

The only way to get around this is to use a VPN. A VPN delivers much more than just bypassing these governments imposed blocks.

Many copyright trolls are watching all these kinds of apps, and with the help of large ISP’s, they are finding out who the users are.

This means there can be a time when infringement notices appear in the letterbox or internet users who stream can find their connections slows to a crawl, and all their HD content begins buffering.

Using a top VPN service like ExpressVPN means users can keep their privacy. They will never suffer from their ISP recording what they are doing or slowing their connection.

To see how good this VPN is, the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is on offer, can be used as a free trial.

Test the performance with all the above APK’s or Kodi, and users quickly see it is the very best of all, streaming VPN’s on the market.

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