Avast Secureline VPN Review

Although this isn’t a popular name among VPN providers, it does come from one of the world’s best Antivirus software manufacturers.

Its products have been in regular use by many users for years, so here we’ll take a look and see, is Avast VPN any good?

Avast Secureline VPN

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Secureline VPN Avast is hoping can make a name for itself among a crowded market has a lot of competition, and a lot of its success won’t just boil down to the Avast VPN cost.

There are many low rates from VPN providers and a wealth of features, now we will see if this can be an option and the best VPNs users are searching for.

Features and Benefits

Secure line VPN doesn’t have the most significant server network globally. However, their connections so far seem to cater for most users because of the diverse locations where they have some servers.

For a United Kingdom VPN, this could be ideal because the use of this VPN doesn’t impact downloads speeds as much as some of the competition

Many Avast VPN reviews talk of the client being simplistic, but it is quick to download and install, and the app is straightforward to use without having much effect on your system or device.

Customer support is both good and bad. They offload a lot of the support to user forums which is less than ideal, yet they do have phone support which is something a lot of other VPB providers don’t offer.

Avast Secureline VPN FeatuesPlatforms covered is also average and is far from ground-breaking where is supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, while no support for router installation.

The extent of features centers on ease of use and after a couple of minutes setting it up following instructions on the screen you’ll be up, running and protected.

The GUI of the app is clean and straightforward, and the extent of what a user is faced with is choosing and Avast VPN server and having to auto start when you connect to your home network or an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

One other option is to have Avast VPN to connect to the optimal location which will connect you to the best server.

For users who are into torrenting, they will be glad to know this is supported and also bypassing geo-locked content, so it is possible to unblock US Netflix.

This though as mentioned in the article conclusion, it is on and off with Avast being repeatedly blocked until there is a workaround.

Avast VPN for Kodi offers enough speed and security to allow any user to stream HD content without anyone being able to see what sites they visit or apps they use.

With unlimited data usage, this might be an excellent option for a movie buff, although an eye should be kept on their fair usage policy regarding copyrighted material.

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Security is as good as many mainstream VPN’s and uses AES-256 encryption (OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2 ) and offers a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

The company itself is based in the Czech Republic and was formed in 2014. Although this isn’t one of the 5-eyes countries and they do keep connection logs showing connection and disconnection times along with bandwidth used.

The Czech Republic is friendly with these countries and is more than willing to cooperate when sharing information for intelligence.

They also offer links to third-party sites such as Twitter and Facebook (Cambridge Analytica) which is shown in their privacy policy.


The Avast VPN price is average, and they don’t offer any incentives at first sight. There are 2 options when you purchase, one for multiple devices and one for a standalone device such as a desktop or mobile device which is at a different rate as you can see:

  • 5 devices $79.99
  • PC & Mac 1 year – $59.99
  • Android & iPhone or iPad 1 year – $19.99

From here things are very different from what other providers offer and the way it is structured might leave you wondering is Avast premium worth it.

Once you arrive at the checkout, you then see various options which allow a 2-year ($149.99) or 3-year ($219.99) tie in period. There is also a monthly billing option for $8.99.

One of the strangest things Avast has put in place is that for one license you can’t use this for different devices, and you would need to purchase a separate Avast VPN license.

This for many is somewhat limiting because if you are buying one for a PC, then you can’t add an Android or iOS device.

Avast Secureline VPN PROS


  • Very Strong encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Simple to use interface
  • Great performance and security
  • Allows P2P torrenting
  • 7-day free trial
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Minimum impact on download speeds


  • No VPN installation for routers
  • Does retain some logs
  • Doesn’t accept Bitcoin as payments
  • Minimal advanced features and settings
  • Not many global server locations


Avast Secureline ends up being a middle of the road VPN, it does offer plenty of protection and average speeds whileAvast Secureline VPN server allowing torrenting and Avast VPN Netflix.

This is though on and off being blocked by Netflix, so you have the chance to try it on the 7-day trial to test if it does work.

If you so happen to sign up and things do stop working you have the option of the 30-day money back guarantee so you should have long enough to find how good is Avast VPN in this time.

For a VPN which appears to be expensive and limiting on device usage, it all looks bad, but this aside it isn’t a bad VPN, and there are much worse.

One of the most alarming things though is there does Avast VPN keep logs. They say no, but their no logging policy is contradicted in their Acceptable Use Policy.

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With this in mind, it shows that Avast still has lots to do to gain widespread acceptance from knowledgeable users.