5 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome

Most of the internet is built on advertising in one shape or form. While many sites rely on ads to stay afloat, things have out of hand, and the simple business model is now out of proportion.

The Chrome browser is the worlds most used browser, and it comes from the world’s largest advertising company. It is easy to see why your browsing experience is littered with all types of ads.

Be it from websites, videos, or any other area, ads are everywhere. Nor are they just annoying, they make pages load slower.

top 5 ad-blockers for Chrome

Users need to regain a bit of privacy and look at ways of blocking ads to take their browsing experience back to what it should be.

After seeing how adblockers help with privacy, we will see the top 5 ad-blockers for Chrome.

Why Do I Need a Chrome Ad-Blocker?

All websites will offer visitors a different kind of experience. They do though, have one thing in common; they are mostly after business and are trying to build up a personal profile of their site visitors interests.

From tracking data, or using these ads to tempt people to click on and carry on through the process, these ads can be intrusive and dangerous.

Many ads are deceptive, and they are a cover for something more malicious in the background.

From malware installation to crypto mining, there are many ways these ads can make it easy for things to find their way onto your system.

The best ad blockers are made to deliver privacy and security. Many offer much more than just making the internet faster without these ads.

Most run using filter lists where malicious ads are recorded. They can identify trackers and help to stop online scams.

Choosing the best adblocker for Chrome can also be hard as these scammers and copycats release their own version to carry on with their practices.

Here are the safest and best ad blocker for Chrome that do their job as intended.

Best 5 Chrome Ad-Blockers

uBlock Origin

The uBlock Origin Chrome extension has risen up the ranks and become one of the most popular ad blocker any user can choose.

Being 100% free and open-source, it maintains transparency as anyone can check the code to see if there is any wrongdoing.

It is easy to use, and it gives a count of how many ads it has stopped in your session.

The extension automatically blocks ads, pop ups, and YouTube video ads. The ad blocking extension doesn’t tax the browser or system, and it remains lightweight, even with lots of functionality.


Adblock has been, for many years one of the most used ad-blockers in the world. It blocks YouTube ads, ads on static web pages and you can even remove all the social media links that often get in the way when browsing.

There is protection against malware attacks and tracking, yet this differs as it participates in the acceptable ads initiative. This means there are ads that can be let through the defence if it is a good ad.

It is updated on a regular basis, yet with the amount of processing it does; it can slow your system if you have lots of tabs open in your browser.


There are over 5 million installs of this best ad blocker Chrome, so Adguard does something right. While not as much as others, it does score highly in all the ratings.

It takes a lightweight approach as not to slow computers, and does outperform many rivals.

It removes all forms of tracking from Google Chrome by using a massive filter list. This though, can work against it, as it takes longer to process.

It is one of the best lightweight blockers for Chrome, although not quite up with the best.

AdBlocker Ultimate

This best adblock for Chrome promises a lot. It claims to remove all ads, malware, and trackers. Automatically blocking banners, pop-ups, pop-under’s, overlays it shows no mercy and stops anything loading.

While this may appeal to many users, it can break the odd site here and there, so users do need to whitelist sites on occasion to make sure they have the best online experience.

AdBlocker Ultimate is free, yet it relies on donations, and thus as a result it can be slow receiving updates.

AdBlock Plus

This best Chrome ad blocker saw its early days on Firefox. Since then, it has gained popularity in Chrome.

It is free, and the open-source way of working has allowed others to use the code and create their own blocker.

AdBlock Plus has one of the most extensive filter lists of any, and the extension covers 52 different languages.

The acceptable ad methodology meant the company ran into criticism when certain companies were allowed through by default. Thus targeting users from known enterprises. Users can turn this off if they wish.

On the other side, it is good at its job, but can be heavy on resources.

VPN service with built-in ad blocker

Alternatives to Chrome Ad-Blockers

Using ad-blockers in Chrome can make all the difference, yet to block annoying ads from ever reaching you can be a more effective method.

While you can choose a VPN service with built-in ad blocker, this doesn’t make the VPN the right one to use.

Two of the market leaders such as NordVPN and CyberGhost both come with their own built-in ad-blockers.

While Nord is a great VPN service for security, it had recent security issues, which put the entire privacy and security of users at risk, and Cyber Ghost is geared toward new users.

Both of these are good VPN’s but there is more to a service than being so easy kids can use it and blocking ads.

ExpressVPN works differently and doesn’t feature this, yet because connections are masked and users can appear in any other country, targeted ads don’t know where they need to go.

Adding to this, tracking user activity is nearly impossible as connections are encrypted, and locations are spoofed.

Users can test all these features, the best in class performance for one month with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

If it doesn’t work, click on the cancel button, no questions asked. In this time, users will find that there is more to being the best in the world than just an ad blocker VPN.

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