The 10 Best Kodi Extensions

So, you have got one of those Kodi boxes or thinking of buying one. Don’t get confused with the features and regret if some functions are missing from the box you bought. Kodi is a media player, and you have a variety of addons for the work you want Kodi to do with the best Kodi extensions.

As already said, Kodi is a basic media player that supports all the common media formats. The addons are there to enhance their functionality.

Best Kodi ExtensionsThere are lots of TV addons and movies addons to spoil you. With the Netflix addon, you can stream from Netflix, or you can install the YouTube addon. There also are music addons for services like SoundCloud.

Here goes the list of best addons for Kodi you must have in your box:

Best Kodi Extensions

1. Exodus

For some unparalleled video streaming experience, get the addon Exodus for Kodi. With Exodus, Kodi users can Exodusview contents from Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many other TV channels as soon as the streaming is live. It has an updated catalogue with the popular TV shows and a large list of movies. With its helpful search feature and a superb categorization, you sure won’t get lost in the bowl.

You can see the list by year, artists, genre and many more filters. The addon is available in the SuperRepo repository. Navigating to the repository is a bit cumbersome on Kodi, so download the zip file with a PC browser if you want and follow this guide to know how to install exodus on Kodi.

2. Genesis Reborn

Sometime earlier, with Genesis Kodi users, enjoyed the same streaming as they now do with Exodus. The developerGenesis Reborn Jesus Box Media has now launched it with the name Genesis Reborn. The content library isn’t extensive, but it’s a heaven for people in need of the latest TV shows.
You can download it from the Jesus Box repository and install it the same way you make other addons work.

3. Phoenix

With the varied content library of Phoenix, Kodi box gives an enhanced streaming experience.Phoenix Not only the movies and TV shows, but you can also enjoy live sports events in its dedicated sports section.
After getting reborn, Phoenix is dead again and is no longer available in SuperRepo. The developers have now introduced it as Bennu which you can download from the Colossus repository.

4. 1Channel

The 1Channel Kodi addon has a good library outsourced from Primewire. Primewire has a huge database of movies 1Channeland TV shows and is quick to update its contents. You get categorized lists of movies in its Playlists section.
After k3l3vra took over, they moved this addon from the Fusion Kodi repository to their Kodi repository.

5. 123Movies

This 123 movies addon widens your movie library. There is a range of old and new movies 123Movies123Moviesavailable along with the popular TV shows in HD. You can find this extension in the Mucky Ducks repository.

6. Zem TVZem TV

With the live streaming services offered by Zem TV Kodi users can enjoy popular sports channels like BeIn, Sky and BT Sports on Kodi box. It also offers TV dramas and movies on various Pakistani and Indian channels. The addon is available for download in SuperRepo.

7. SportsdevilSportsdevil

The Sportsdevil Kodi addon is dedicated to sports lovers. You can download it from Fusion and get to watch Cricket, Tennis and Football channels, among others. The best thing is all this is free of cost.

8. Covenant

Users consider this addon as a replacement for Exodus, in case it is not working for you. The same team hasCovenant developed it, and it offers similar functions. You can download it from the Smash repository.

9. Elysium

While the popular extensions are getting offline, Elysium is available for quite some time now. It offers movies, TV shows as well as various TV channels to stream. You can find it in the Noobs and Nerds repository. And we will like you to consider it when you are thinking of some binge-watching.

10. Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed (or Unrestricted) has some amazing media content available for streaming. It has features like those in Phoenix, and you can find some great HD movies and TV shows here. Besides, there also are music streams. It is available in Noobs and Nerds (NaN).

The Kodi builds that work with the best Kodi extensions

The choice of addons is endless, and it may be a challenging task to find the ones suitable for your needs. So there are pre-setup Kodi builds available. The builds incorporate multiple addons and various other customizations and settings.

Installing a build is a great way to get many additional functions in a single go. It saves the time of searching and manually installing them one-by-one. The Nemesis Kodi build quite popular and is a great all-in-one extension for Kodi.

With Nemesis, you get addons for Sports, Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Audio Books.

VPN for Kodi

For your privacy and security, you should use a VPN while streaming. ISPs keep an eye on the traffic passing through it. The best Kodi VPN is, no doubt ExpressVPN. It is safe, reliable and doesn’t keep logs. And not to forget the high speeds it offers.

A VPN encrypts the communication, and thus the privacy. Not only this, but a VPN can also unblock region-restricted contents.

Streaming services such as Netflix offer different content for different countries. If you want to watch US Netflix, VPN can hide your IP address and provide you with one from the Americas.

As ExpressVPN keeps no logs, the activity can’t be traced back to you. You would be anonymous. This location switching can also get you early access at times.

Also, your ISP may throttle speeds for streaming services. With an encrypted network, ISPs have no way of knowing you are streaming online content and better speeds.

And the most important reason to use a good VPN is that Kodi boxes’ legality is in a grey area. With so much on offer, you might be using an illegal Kodi addon to fetch you trouble.

Better to use a VPN and be on the safe side. Happy Koding!

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