How to Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts in the UK

Blackouts are always a pain and are still happening in this day age, unfortunately for us there is nothing we can do to stop them from happening. But there a couple of different ways that will help us get around these blackouts.

How to get NFL game pass UK and bypass NFL gamepass UK blackout you ask? Well there two ways we can go about doing this.


Basically, you will need to switch to a country where blackouts are not imposed, and no matter how hardcore of a sports fan you are, moving to another country just for a game is a bit extreme. I will explain how you can “change countries” easily and without actually having to move there.

Virtual Private Networks and How they work:

Your first option is by getting a VPN to watch NFL UK.

Sites use your computers IP to track your location and then impose any regional (or other) restrictions depending on your actual physical locations.

What VPN service providers do is that they redirect all the traffic from your computer to one of their servers located in a region that does not have any restrictions.

Now you will essentially be accessing the VPN provider’s servers, and then these servers will reach the website on your behalf and pass on all the traffic to you.

The website will think that server is the one accessing their data and since it is located in a region where blackouts are not imposed, everything will be fine and dandy. That’s how almost all software’s/services work that allow accessing geo-blocked content.


There are a couple of VPN services that are ideal for our current dilemma. Since you will be streaming the game live, the faster the VPN the better.

And since all VPN services will slow down your connection by about 15-40%, we need to find the one that has the least effect on your internet connection.

Best VPN for NFL game pass:

IPVanish is perfect for streaming media online.

  • Considered to be one of the fastest VPN service providers around.
  • Very simple and easy user interface.
  • Huge network with 700 VPN servers located in 60+ different countries.
  • Unlimited bandwidth so you won’t have to keep an eye on how much data you’re using.
  • 256-bit AES encryption will protect your data at all times.
  • No traffic logs
  • Extra web proxies
  • 5 simultaneous connections allowed and unlimited server switching.

ExpressVPN is another great VPN, it might not be the fastest one around, but it’s not far behind either. expressvpn-nfl-gamepass

  • Fast speeds
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Multiple platforms supported
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Massive network in over 87 countries with 136+ different locations to choose from

Smart DNS proxies:

This option is cheaper than getting a VPN, but it lacks the extra features as well like data encryption, anonymity etc.

Unlocator is the best Smart DNS provider there is:

  • Doesn’t require a software installation
  • Very cheap
  • Support for 219 different channels
  • Can have unlimited number of devices connected on one account
  • Speed is not reduced at all.

These are your best options to watch NFL online in UK.

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