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How to Speed Up Internet

What is a Good Internet Speed? Much of this will depend what you use your internet connection for. To a certain extent, it doesn’t matter how fast your connection is, you can only receive data from a source as fast as they can send it. If the source has a slow upload speed, then the […]

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How to Watch Tamil Shows and Movies On Kodi

There are plenty of people who know all about Bollywood and some of the great films they produce. It is also true that this represents most of the things which are associated with India, from the scenery, the funky dance scenes and the catchy tunes you can’t get out of your head. But, there is […]

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How to Stream NBA Online from Anywhere in the World

With the NBA season getting well underway, it won’t be long before the playoffs come around and it will be time for the finals which has basketball fans gripped with all the action from the top teams of the 2019 basketball season. The problem is, watching these games outside the US isn’t easy due to […]

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Best Free VPN for Android

Although you might think a VPN service is only required for a home connection, this is very far from the truth. Smartphones are responsible for over 60% of online transactions, so it is all the more important to secure your connection while you are online on your mobile Android device. We are also using our […]

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How to Watch MLB Online in the UK

MLB (Major League Baseball) is enjoyed by countless people around the globe. Watching baseball streaming games without having to sign up for a cable subscription, and then a sports add-on can prove difficult, but much easier and cheaper to do than you might think. Here we will show you the best ways you can watch […]

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