Cyberghost Review

Cyberghost is a serious contender to be in the line for top VPN’s in the world. Its free of cost feature with limited bandwidth makes it more popular.

However, it also has some drawbacks, but overall Cyberghost is a complete package for you.

In this Cyberghost VPN review, you will come to know every good and bad of this VPN service. So, sit back and give this read a couple of minutes.

Cyberghost VPN

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Its interface is so user-friendly that a first-time visitor will easily understand how to use it and what features this VPN is providing. Download Cyberghost client and install it. It will take only a few minutes for installing the client.

There is an option for custom settings where you can choose the location of your server and IP address.


With all the VPN’s, you will get slower internet speed and so is the case with Cyberghost. However, if you are a premium member, you will get higher speed as compared to normal users.


Regarding reliability, Cyberghost is far ahead of its competitors. It rarely disconnects, and also has an option of Internet Kill Switch in the case of something unexpected circumstances.


Cyberghost is compatible with all the platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Tablet, Linux, etc.


Speed provided by Cyberghost is neither too fast nor too slow. It lies somewhat in moderate area. Cyberghost has more than 600 servers in 29 countries. If you are a premium user, you can select the server of your choice with unlimited data.

Security & Privacy

Cyberghost Review

“Is Cyberghost safe,” well the answer is a big yes. Cyberghost uses 256-bit OpenVPN for encryption of your data. OpenVPN is considered as the most secure protocol for internet, and many VPN’s are using this protocol.

As far as privacy is concerned, Cyberghost does not keep a record of your logs, data, personal information or history. Cyberghost is very transparent in privacy matters which is not common in other VPN’s.


If you are finding it difficult to install Cyberghost client, you can contact the customer support via support ticket. Other than that, they also have a live chat but only available in the working hours of the Eastern European region.

A drawback of Cyberghost is that there is no P2P chat support as they closed the discussion forum back in 2014.


As mentioned above, you can choose the free option of Cyberghost with limited bandwidth. If you want to be a premium member, there is a 30 days trial option for you. If you go for the annual premium plan, it will cost $2.91, and if you choose the monthly package, it will cost $6.99 per month.


The only free VPN available nowadays for you, Cyberghost is almost an ideal VPN for you. Other than 2-3 drawbacks, everything in Cyberghost is perfect.

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And you will not get anything better for this price. I hope that after reading this Cyberghost free review, you will be able to come to know the negatives and positives of Cyberghost.