How to Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks there is. While it falls behind the likes of Facebook and a few others in popularity, it still has over one billion users.

With many of the privacy concerns over social media apps or the amount of time spent on them is escalating.

There are many users who are looking to deactivate Instagram accounts or go all the way and delete it permanently.

Deactivate or Delete Instagram

This can be for their own benefit, or to safeguard future employment prospects. There are also many, who are not sure of the owners of Instagram, Facebook, and how the close ties affect them.

This guide runs through all you need to know about how you can disable your account, or take the major step and permanently delete your account.

Should I Deactivate or Delete My Account?

There are a couple of differences when you decide to deactivate or delete your Instagram account.

When you deactivate your Instagram, this is temporary. You won’t lose and of your profile, photos, comments, and likes.

All these will just be hidden. Once you log back into the app and the account page, then all your stuff will be there as if you never left.

When you consider deleting your Instagram, there is no chance to go back. Even Instagram can’t restore any deleted data.

When you take this route, you will permanently delete everything you have ever posted, commented on or added.

Adding to this, there is no way you can sign up again with the same username, or you cannot add that username to another account.

How to Disable Your Instagram Account

If you are unsure that you want to delete your Instagram account right away, you can disable it, and take a break from using the Instagram app.

When you disable your Instagram account, you will be logged out, and your profile will be hidden.

To any followers or friends you have, they will be thinking you have deleted your account.

If you feel you are ready to continue, all you need to do is to log back into the app and carry on.

Here are the steps to temporarily disable your account.

One thing to note when disabling your account, you can’t do this from inside the app.

  1. Head over to from a phone or a computer
  2. Log in when prompted
  3. Select or click on the profile icon that sits in the top right corner
  4. Select or click on “Edit Profile.”
  5. Next, scroll down and click on “Temporarily disable my account” that sits to the right of the “submit” button
  6. Enter the reason you are disabling your account from the drop-down menu
  7. Enter your password to verify
  8. Select or click on “Temporarily disable account.”

If you chose this method as a means to take a break, rather than deleting your account altogether. You can easily reactivate your account.

All you need to do is head back to and log back in with your username and password.

how to permanently delete Instagram

How to Easily Delete Your Instagram Account

Before going through the motions, you should know that when you delete your Instagram account, you will lose all your followers, photos, videos, likes, and comments.

We will look how you can save your data after seeing how to permanently delete Instagram.

Just like the deactivate my Instagram account steps, to delete and Instagram account, you do need to do it from a mobile device or a web browser.

Here are the steps to quickly delete Instagram account.

  1. Log into your Instagram account
  2. Navigate to the “Delete Your Account” page
  3. Select the reason for deleting
  4. Re-enter your password to confirm you wish to proceed.
  5. The option to “permanently delete my account” will appear
  6. Click the red button to finalise deleting your Instagram account

Downloading Instagram Pictures and Account Details

When you decide that deleting Instagram is the right thing for you, you may feel you want to get back everything you have ever uploaded.

This would include all your photos, videos, comments, and your profile information. The steps to download are straightforward.

All you need to do is log in through a browser, and select the “Request Download” button.

The wait for this can take up to 48 hours, so if you are in a hurry to get rid of Instagram from your life, you will need to be patient.

Logging in Problems

If you find you have been hacked, and you need to protect all your personal information.

Following any of the above steps can appear to be easier to accomplish in theory than in reality.

There are no ways that you can delete or deactivate an Instagram account without logging in first.

Additionally, there is no way you can ask Instagram to do this on your behalf. If another person has changed your password, you have forgotten it, or you have lost it, you can use these steps to get it back hopefully.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on “Get help signing in” this is located under the login button
  3. On Android use either “Use username or email,” “Send and SMS,” or “Login with Facebook.”
  4. On iOS devices, select either “Username,” or “Phone.”
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

If you have been hacked, you may need to contact Instagram. There are prompts for this, and they will ask you for more information about your account before proceeding.

If you take any of the advice above, you can get back some personal time, and leave behind the burden of online culture.

You should not forget that you could deactivate before committing to deleting.

For privacy concerns of how your data is used by Instagram, Facebook, and the many other social networks, there is only one route you can take to totally safeguard your privacy.

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