How to Watch Discovery Channel Online in the UK

Discovery Channel is a US cable TV channel which broadcasts shows related to science and technology.

Discovery Channel TV shows also feature many documentaries and programmes focused on our history. If you too are a fan, here is how to get Discovery Channel online.

Discovery Channel Online

Discovery Go – Watch Discovery online

Discovery Go is the multi-platform video streaming service by the Discovery network. It allows the TV viewers to watch their favourite shows across many popular devices.

The service is available on their website and Discovery Go app for iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire TV. You can also watch Discovery Channel live on Apple TV and Roku.

Discovery Channel has some of the most popular shows worldwide like Man vs Wild and Gold Rush.

Discovery GoDiscovery Go allows you to watch the live Discovery Channel stream and also the on-demand content. So, you need not worry if you missed the latest episode of Deadliest Catch this afternoon.

The episodes are available for you, the very next morning after they aired on TV. And while the licensing rights differ across programmes, most of the episodes are available for the next 28 days.

The Discovery Go is a free service but with limitations. You need the credentials provided by a US cable TV provider to log in.

How to watch Discovery Channel UK online, free?

Well, the only option to watch Discovery channel for free is the Discovery Go. If you are a US resident, you can login using the service provider details and watch Discovery Channel free in UK. But you will need a VPN to get past the geo-restriction as it’s available only in US.

There are other paid options if you want to watch Discovery Channel online and here are few among them.

Watch Discovery Channel without cable

One of the best options to watch Discovery without cable is DirecTV Now. The packages start at $35 a month and at that price you get more than 60 channels including Discovery.

Other channels available are CNN, ESPN, Fox, AMC and MSNBC. DirecTV Now is available on a range of devices including Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV but you can use only two devices at a time.

Discovery Channel without cableAnother downside of using DirecTV is the absence of on-demand viewing options. You can watch Discovery Channel shows live but can’t record them for later viewing. The next option we have is to watch Discovery on PS Vue.

PlayStation Vue also offers a range of channel packages, and you get Discovery Channel with the basic package of $39.99/month.

The package also includes channels like AMC, ESPN, Animal Planet and CNN. And even a DVR at no extra cost. You can record unlimited content and watch them anytime up to 28 days.

PS Vue is available for iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV and many other streaming devices including PlayStation. And you can use your PS Vue subscription on five devices at a time.

Another way to get Discovery Channel content is to subscribe to Hulu. It’s an on-demand streaming service which has many Discovery shows available like Gold Rush, Mythbusters, Naked and Afraid, Man vs Wild and Deadliest Catch. At only $7.99 a month, you can watch Discovery shows on demand and other videos available there.

At $11.99 per month though, you will get a commercial-free experience. You can watch Hulu on a large number of devices including Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles.

The only problem is the geo-restriction. Similar to Discovery Go, these services mentioned above are available only to the US viewers. But you can bypass this limitation with a VPN connection.

Best UK VPN for Discovery Channel

VPNs are one of the best tools to get past any region restrictions. Content providers check your IP address to decide if you are eligible to use the resources available. And with a UK VPN service running on your device, you can fake your IP address.

VPN for Discovery ChannelIt doesn’t matter if you want to watch Hulu, PlayStation Vue or DirecTV Now, all you need is a US IP address.

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider with many servers in the US. When you connect to one of them, the server encrypts your network and hides your public IP address. Your device then has a US IP address.

Now, when you try to watch, say, Hulu streaming, they will think a US resident is trying to view their content.

And you will thus, unlock Discovery Channel in UK, and then enjoy your Discovery Channel favourites. Check our ExpressVPN review to know more about the VPN service.

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