Flixtor Review – How to Watch Movies for Free

Of all the streaming websites on the internet, one of the most popular Flixtor rose to the very top. Many users were flocking to the streaming site to watch all the latest movies and TV shows.

Many a Flixtor review began to say there was an issue with the site, and it left one group of people a little worried.

Last year, Flixtor again began free streaming, yet things are not always good forever. Here, you can learn more about this streaming service. You can also find how to stream movies using the best alternatives to Flixtor.

Lastly, we will show how you can use these Flixtor alternatives to keep you safe and secure and hide your IP address.

Flixtor Streaming Site

What Happened to Flixtor?

Early on, there was some confusion between Flixtor and an app of the same name. However, with that issue out of the way, Flixtor up and running. It didn’t take long before the site again bowed to pressure.

The movie industry can be persuasive, and there is a chance Flixtor is no more, even if you notice links as you try to search.

You can find sites popping up, yet these aren’t the best Flixtor alternatives, and you could be at risk.

The developers even issued a statement saying any site using their name was fake.

VIP Members

Many individuals were tempted by the VIP users section of the site. They were supposed to gain more access to shows and movies; video quality was better, and there were no ads, among other benefits.

Unfortunately, it appears anyone who signed up may have lost their money, as well as the chance to watch free movies.

Being in the same boat as all the other users, they also need to find a Flixtor alternative.

Best Alternatives to Flixtor


Project Free TV is not the same as other streaming sites. It is a TV show index, which is straightforward to use.

You can quickly search for a show to watch, and when you click the media tile. It takes you to that particular episode, or you can select another full episode form the same season.

It is one of the best streaming sites to watch series as they update it continually with all the latest episodes.


One of the top alternatives to Flixtor has to be MoviesJoy. You get the best free movies, all with zero ads. It delivers fast speeds to prevent buffering, and the streaming is HD, although some are only standard HD and not 1080p.

It could sound disappointing, yet to watch movies free; it is a small price to pay. You do find newer videos are CAM, yet they identify them as such.

Popcorn Time

The name of this service, Popcorn Time, grew to the same levels of popularity as Flixtor. However, it isn’t a website and is an app. However, it does become one of the best alternatives to Flixtor in its absence.

The app crawls all the popular torrenting websites and instantly catalogues the latest releases. All users need to do is choose the movie, select the quality, and the app takes over and does the rest of the work.

You can find these are the best sites or services to replace Flixtor. However, in the same way, the fake Flixtor sites are not safe. Using these can leave users exposed to copyright trolls or other enforcement agencies who may be responsible for the disappearance of Flixtor.

Streaming VPN for Flixtor Alternatives

Accessing Flixtor Alternatives with a VPN

You can encounter a couple of different reasons for needing VPN services when accessing the best free movie sites.

Copyrighted content is the primary use of a VPN when using these platforms. ISP’s retain data for 2-years in the UK and extended periods in other countries.

Because they see all you are accessing, they build up a profile and can pass this on to the likes of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Association).

Because they are trying to stamp out piracy, it could leave users facing copyright notices at some stage.

Popcorn is worse or this scenario as it uses the BitTorrent protocol; a user’s IP address will be broadcast as they are watching a movie because the app downloads and uploads at the same time.

One final area where a VPN can benefit users is regional blocking. Many sites of this nature may be banned in certain regions. The best VPN’s can bypass this by changing the server to another country.

For British users who want to access free films, it isn’t merely a matter of selecting any VPN. Some of them don’t deliver the best experience to such a remote region. All VPN’s slow down connections a little because of the encryption required for privacy.

Remote regions also suffer from long distance slowdown, which can cause buffering. A good VPN needs to have an extensive server network to make sure they deliver the fastest possible streaming speeds.

ExpressVPN covers all the requirements easily. It offers the best speeds to any country, and bypasses any geo-restrictions or unblocking any blocked website.

The VPN can be used on five devices, which makes it suitable for other family members. It also prevents ISP’s seeing there are streaming and throttles your connection as a result. Besides this, there are many other features users can find helpful.

To thoroughly test the service, there is the best no-fuss 30-day money-back guarantee. Any user can sign up and check out the features and performance without spending anything.

In less than 30 minutes, connections can be secure, and you can access any Flixtor replacement.

Even before the month is up, you will see you are using the world’s best VPN for streaming and downloading in the safest way possible.

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