How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi

As you can more than likely tell, this Genesis Reborn add-on is a new and improved version after the original vanished due to copyright claims.

It’s now back, and the Kodi add-on and is much improved from the previous version.

In this guide, we will show how you can install how to add Genesis to Kodi, and also how you can prevent any copyright infringement notices coming through your letterbox.

Before going further, it is highly advised to consider using the best United Kingdom VPN for bypassing geo-blocked content and also to protect your privacy and prevent anyone pointing their finger at you for infringing copyrights.

Installing the Jesus Box Repo Genesis Reborn Add-on to Leia 18

Using the latest Kodi update (Leia 18), you can follow the following steps of how to download genesis on Kodi, and have the most up to date experience rather than dealing with the old XBMC Genesis which might not now work very well.

Genesis RebornOpen your Kodi Leia app and Click on the Settings menu

Scroll down to select the File Manager

  1. Double click Add Source and click where it says ‘None.’
  2. Enter this URL: > and make sure it is correct then click on OK.
  3. Under this is another box, enter the name the repository, i.e. Jesus Box Repo > Press OK
  4. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen
  5. Select the Add-ons menu and then click on the Box icon
  6. Select “Install from Zip File” and select Jesus Box Repo > Now select Click OK.
  7. Navigate to Install from Repository > Select Jesus Box Repository > Click on the Video Add-ons option
  8. Click on the latest Genesis version to select, and then Press Install. You will receive a pop up saying installation is successful.

Installing Genesis Reborn on Kodi Krypton 17.6 with Jesus Box Repo

If you are still using Kodi Krypton, here are the steps for installing Genesis on Kodi 17.6

Install Genesis Reborn

  1. Launch your Kodi app and Click on the Settings icon at the top left and then select File Manager
  2. At the end of the list select the option to “Add Sources.”
  3. Next, a box will pop-up. Now click where it says “None” and enter the following URL and click on OK
  4. Underneath, in the next box type the name of the media source “Jesus Box” and click OK and Click OK again.
  5. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen by hitting the “Backspace” key and then click on Add-ons.
  6. Select the “Package Installer” icon in the top-left corner (box shape).
  7. Select Install from Zip File > Jesus Box > repository.jesusboxtv-1.0.3.
  8. Wait for it to install, and the pop-up message confirmation is shown.
  9. Select Install from Repository > Jesusbox Repository > Video Add-ons.
  10. Locate the Genesis option and Click on install.
  11. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons > Video Add-ons and Click on Genesis.

Genesis Reborn Kodi Not Working

On some occasions you might find Kodi Genesis not working, here are a few reasons this could be, and how to get the Kodi Genesis add-on working.

  • Failed to Install a Dependency Error – This can occur if a repository fails to update the Genesis Kodi add-Genesis Reaborn Experienceon. To fix, all you need to do is select another repo from where to download Genesis Kodi.
  • Could Not Connect to Repository – This often occurs when the URL for the repo is incorrectly typed, and in most cases, it is the slash (/) at the end. To fix, check the spelling.
  • Couldn’t Retrieve Directory Information Error – This is again a user error on most occasions. It can be a weak internet connection, miss typing the URL or the repo is dead. To fix, check the above and with the URL paste it into your browser to see if it connects.
  • Check Log for More Information – This can occur if the repo or the add-on is updating. It can take a few hours, but it can also happen if you are downloading from a dead repo. To fix you can wait for the update or clear the cache or is this still fails you can re-install Kodi and then add Genesis to Kodi again.

It Should be noted. If for any reason the Jesusbox repo isn’t working, this Genesis add-on can only be found in the Super Repo, but this is the previous version of Genesis Kodi and can cause problems.

The Best Kodi Genesis Reborn Experience

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