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How to Get American Netflix in UK


With all these new TV shows and movies coming out every few weeks, Netflix is the best service you can get to have access to them as soon as possible and in the best possible format.

Not only that, in the recent years Netflix has started making some of the best TV shows that I have ever come across, including the currently airing Daredevil and Luke Cage and with the upcoming ones like the punisher and Iron fist, the hype is real.

And then sometimes you come across movies that you had no idea existed but are some of the best ones released in the entire year. One such movie, for me at least, was Spectral. And more often than naught, many of these series and movies are not available in the UK.

get American Netflix in the UK

Although the UK library is nothing to joke about, but if you are into binge watching shows and movies like I am, you have pretty much run out of things to watch as well and are looking for something new.
So in this article, I will be mentioning different ways and explaining how to get US Netflix in UK, how to change Netflix to American, and what is the best VPN service or best VPN you can get to access Netflix USA among other things.

How Netflix works:

When you start up Netflix, it checks your IP address and detects your location, and then serves the corresponding catalogue depending on your location. So, to get access to the considerably larger library of the American Netflix, you simply just need to change your IP to an American one and enjoy!

Will Proxies work?

Now there are a number of ways of achieving this goal, one of them is through the use of smart DNS. Some of you may know what that is, but for those that don’t, it is a technology that allows you to access sites that have region restrictions.

It does so by re-routing your data through another server that is located in the region you are trying to access, for our current situation, that would be an American Netflix DNS. Or simply put, you get the US content by the use of a Netflix proxy.

This procedure is rather simple and if you just need to reach the American Netflix library, services like “Unlocator” are the best in the business. They provide you access to all the region locked content you could possible ask for, for a very simple monthly fee, and everyone ends up happy.


Unlocator has extensive guides on their website, detailing every step to help you configure your devices so they are able to use their services as well.

It is a one-time process and has no limit to the number of devices that simultaneously use the service. They also have extremely fast speeds, so much so that you won’t even realize you are using any such service.

What about VPN’s, and if so, which are the best ones?

Another such way is through the use of VPN’s. Now I’m sure many of you are aware what VPN’s are and how they work so I won’t be going into details.

Now you can either use a free VPN or a paid one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. how-netflix-works

A free one will obviously be……well, free. So, although it won’t cost you anything, the service it will provide won’t be top notch either. Sometimes their servers will be too busy and essentially you won’t even be able to open google let alone stream a movie in a watchable resolution.

As for the pain VPN’s, there used to be quite a number of VPN’s that were able to stream Netflix, but recently they have tightened up quite a bit on their “security” and many of the VPN’s are rendered useless for this specific purpose.

Express VPN is one of the leading VPN’s performance wise, all around. Considered to be the top VPN for streaming US-Netflix-ExpressVPNUS-Netflix-ExpressVPN due to its extremely fast speeds, you simply cannot go wrong with it.

NordVPN also seems to be working just fine for most people, and it’s a very good and well-rounded VPN in general as well, boasting 781 servers worldwide in 57 different countries, complete anonymity and very tight security as compared to the industry standards.

Now some of you may be wondering about the legality of all this, and honestly, it’s a pretty gray area. Most of the time Netflix chooses to look the other way, but recently due to some legal disputes, they have started to crack down on out-of-region streaming, so choose your service wisely.

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