How to Get American Netflix in UK

Netflix US vs UK Netflix

A lot of what you can watch from the US Netflix catalogue compared to UK Netflix is all down to the television rights and how programs are sold to different countries.

It is a shame that all the available content between the two Netflix comes down to how American TV show’s producers can make money.

Shows generate more cash when they are sold country by country than if sold globally, so there will always be this divide.


get American Netflix in the UK

This means Netflix can pick and choose where to place programs and where they can charge higher prices as a result. This can lead to the best TV series on Netflix only being available in America.

Netflix although the number one streaming company still has threats from competitors, so if they manage to snag the rights to TV shows to watch or movies, then this could be another reason why some shows are not available on UK Netflix compared to US Netflix.

As a result, which produces a loss of content to the UK and other markets, Netflix focuses their American TV series to their domestic and prime market which is the USA.

This leads UK users not easily able to watch the office US online as easy as they would want.

Why Netflix USA Has So Much More Content than Netflix UK

As was just briefly mentioned a lot of what is available is down to licensing rights and the money which can be made by showing these shows on Netflix in the different regions.

Netflix currently has almost 60 million subscribers in the US alone, so it is quite easy to see why they give preferential treatment to their home base.

Netflix US vs UK NetflixThe number of what you can watch on US Netflix is around 6,000 titles compared to what can you watch on Netflix in the UK which is less than 5,000 titles of all movies and TV shows.

The way it works isn’t the fault of Netflix because these licensing deals are very different between each country, and thus affect what will be shown and what won’t.

There is also the fact there might not be demand for specific TV shows on Netflix in the UK compared to what American viewers wish to watch.

From the point of Netflix, the cost of showing all of these shows globally isn’t a viable option from a financial point of view.

One other reason there is more content on the US Netflix is they are somewhat elusive as to their viewing numbers, and they are in such a dominant position they can inform HBO what Netflix shows which would be exclusive to the US to produce.

Step By Step – How to Watch American Netflix in UK

Some of the most popular VPN’s on the market have been tested and shown they are proficient in getting past the infamous Netflix America geo-blocking they carry out between their differing platforms.

Although you can watch Netflix from any region with one subscription, you can only view Netflix in the geo-location where you are physically. This means if you are in the US you can watch US Netflix because you are showing an American IP address, but if you return home to the UK, you will lose this US Netflix proxy to gain access.

Watch American Netflix in UKWhen you look at choosing a VPN which allows access, there are a few things to look for. A good American VPN solution for Netflix access should meet all of the following:

  • A High number of US VPN based servers
  • Multiple port options
  • In-built methods of hiding the fact you’re using a VPN (Obfuscation methods)

Due to the nature of how VPN’s work there is some slowdown in your connection, however, the different VPN’s offer smaller or larger slowdowns and this can make a massive difference to your US Netflix viewing experience.

Here are the steps to take to view US Netflix in the UK. It is assumed that you already have a Netflix account, and your Netflix account settings are all set for the US.

Signing up for a VPN

To download VPNs that work with Netflix, you need to sign-up and create an account. The length of sign-up varies vastly between VPN providers as does the cost of their service.

VPNs that work with NetflixYou might think there is a free UK VPN which offers this service, but there isn’t. However, choose the right VPN, and you could get 3-months free if you sign up for 1-year. (ExpressVPN)

Many VPN services only require a valid email address and the payment method. This helps secure your privacy in other areas.

Once you have signed up, you receive a confirmation email regarding log-in information and other useful information. Once this has been accepted you can follow the following steps to access US Netflix:

Step One: Downloading and Installing

Once you’ve logged in you should be able to navigate to the client download area. Once you click on this, the downloading will be automatic, and the correct version should be downloaded for the device you are using.

Next, double-click the downloaded file to install it.

get American Netflix in the UK

Step Two: Logging In

Once this installation process has been completed, you will need to insert your activation code. This should be included in your confirmation email or in your account information where you have logged in.

When you insert this activation code, the client software automatically signs you into your account.

Step Three:Unblock Netflix

When you have completed these steps, you need to select a US-based server from the client on your device. (Some VPN’s make this action easier than others).

Most of the time this is the “choose Location” option and is the method most VPN’s use to change Netflix region.

From here select any US based server and double-click to connect. In the majority of cases, and with a VPN which offers the best Netflix Unblocker, this is how to change Netflix to American

Step Four:

Up until now, these steps are easy, and here there are many VPN’s which require you to manually enable obfuscation methods (ExpressVPN does this automatically where Netflix can be accessed immediately).

If your VPN doesn’t support Netflix (and many don’t), you’ll receive a warning message of a VPN being used or a proxy error. This depends on the VPN used (ExpressVPN doesn’t show these errors).

Step Five:

If you receive messages saying your VPN is blocked from accessing US Netflix, you would need to check your VPN provider states they allow this connectivity and Netflix hack, and if they do, you need to contact your customer service and find out how to access American Netflix.

Here many VPN’s don’t reply immediately and don’t have 24/7 live customer service. This can be frustrating, but a market leader such as ExpressVPN makes this easy, and all you need to do is head to their website and load the live chat option. Here they will quickly help you connect to the correct server to access US Netflix.

How to Get a VPN that Works with Netflix

We saw at the start of the article Netflix has geo-restrictions on their content. Here we need to look at how a website can determine which country you are situated and block your access thus showing you the Netflix proxy error.

All this comes down to the IP address of your device because each country has a set range of IP addresses for their users.

Netflix and VPNWith this Netflix looks at the IP address which is attempting to access their site, and if it isn’t a US IP address, it is automatically blacklisted.

Netflix also looks at connections, and if you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy, then you will be hit with the Netflix VPN ban.

When looking for a VPN for Netflix there are many things to check because not all VPN services allow access, or they miss-inform users into saying they do, when in fact they don’t.

To get a VPN which works with Netflix you need to look at the following and make sure the VPN provider offers the following:

  • The company has multiple servers based in the US. One should be sufficient but as Netflix continually bans VPN services IP addresses one server could work for a while and then stop working.
  • They unblock streaming services content effectively over the long term, and this is the hardest part for many. Cyberghost has been able to access US Netflix and then it was blocked, and it could be they find it stops working again. This isn’t good if you’ve signed up for an extended period and you see you can’t access Netflix.
  • A Tier 1 network is also required, and what this means is the higher the video quality, the higher the bandwidth. This needs faster connection speeds which are reliable with little server downtime. Nord VPN is a victim here and can be hit with poor performance for their download speeds.
  • Some VPN’s are also technical in their set-up, and new users find it hard to know what to do to get the best VPN Netflix connection.
  • The number of devices on which they support.

To cover all the angles, UK users should check out the best Netflix VPN which is continually topping review charts. ExpressVPN is the number one choice because they offer the fastest and most reliable connections, and have minimal server downtime.

As soon as you install the client software you can follow the above steps and connect to Netflix in a matter of minutes with no manual changes to the settings.

The company is also based well outside any five-eyes jurisdiction and provides unlimited bandwidth usage and a world class 24/7 customer support should you have problems.

At present, this VPN company is offering 3-months free if you sign up for 1-year. This does, in fact, make it the best free VPN UK users could wish for because there is no other free service which can provide anywhere near the same features.

Get US Netflix on Any Device in the United Kingdom

This can be another area which affects some VPN’s. Device support is crucial because not all users want to access Netflix on a PC because the Netflix PC app gives different resolutions depending on browsers or operating systems used.

Netflix on Android can cause problems if you’ve downloaded from the Play store. The Netflix Android app needs installing directly from Netflix, because of issues with the Netflix apk not being supported on older Android devices.

US Netflix in UKIt also becomes trickier depending on the obscurity of your device, or your method of playing Netflix. Netflix on Kodi can be catered for by an unofficial add-on, and again it is advised to use a VPN in this case.

Many devices can run Netflix apps in the UK. However, this hits the wall of the geo-blocking content of Netflix.

If you are looking at watching US Netflix on PS4 or how to get US Netflix on Xbox one you might find some VPN’s won’t support these devices.

If there were a way to get US Netflix in UK Xbox and Netflix on Amazon Fire as well as other devices around your home such as directly to your TV via your Amazon UK FireStick, then this would be pretty amazing.

This is, in fact, possible with ExpressVPN. You can either install it on your home router (if compatible) or purchase a router with it already installed.

With this, you can access Netflix USA on any device around your home. One significant advantage of using a router is there is no question of where can I watch Netflix without software being downloaded and installed.

How to Get Free Netflix

Netflix is subscription only and can put off users if they don’t wish to pay for this service. However, you can gain access without payment if you take advantage of the Netflix free account 1-month free trial.

access Netflix for freeHere are the steps in how to access Netflix for free indefinitely.

1. Create an Email Account

Here you would need to create an email account with a free service such as Gmail or Hotmail. Keep all your information safe because you will need this later.

2. Entering Credit Card Information

With your Netflix sign-up, you need to add credit card details. During the free trial, no money is taken. You can also purchase and load a prepaid credit card or sign up for a virtual credit card. This information is used to sign up to Netflix and finish all the Netflix settings.

This cash can then be used for your regular shopping while you are enjoying your free Netflix trial.

The trick here is to cancel the free trial before it has reached its expiry, and this is where you don’t pay anything. If you reach the limit, you will automatically be charged.

To do this, you would need to log into your Netflix plan select my Netflix account and select cancel streaming plan.

You can do this as long as you can create or purchase these prepaid cards and create burner email addresses.

get American Netflix in the UK

It’s time to give it a go

Although it appears to be difficult in accessing American Netflix from the UK, it is straightforward if you opt for the right Virtual Private Network company. This will make it appear the US to UK is the same connection.

The ExpressVPN company strives to provide the best in features for all aspects, and areas where you might need security, privacy and to stop your ISP monitoring your online activities.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a device at home or on the move you can still gain access to Netflix programmes with the least amount of effort, and all the while knowing you are adequately protected in every area.

American Netflix continually attempts to block users from other geo-locations, but with the best VPN for the job you can have the best of both worlds and avoid Netflix blocks and have full access to the entire Netflix library.