How to Unblock CouchTuner Website in the UK

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is an online video streaming site that lets you watch the latest episodes of top TV shows for free without having to download them to your PC.

While no official Couch Tuner app exists, there are plenty of third party, freeware applications available for Android while let you stream content from the couch tuner com website to your mobile device without having to fire up the browser.


unblock couchtuner

Unfortunately, due to a recent decision by the UK High Court, this site has been blocked by UK ISPs and you can no longer watch couchtuner over the internet directly.

Why is it blocked in the UK?

CouchTuner UK has been blocked in the UK because it gives access to copyrighted / licensed entertainment material to its patrons without any costs – which the court has interpreted as piracy. Several CouchTuner alternatives, such as Putlocker, WatchFree and Afdah have been blacklisted in a similar decision.

ISPs such as BT, Virgin, O2, and SKY have enforced this blacklist, and attempting to access the website will redirect you to an error page. Furthermore, the ISP can redflag your IP address for attempting to access a banned website, which could lead to a potential copyright infringement notice.

Naturally, many freedom loving UK residents find this kind of monitoring of their activities stifling, and are wondering if there’s a way to let me watch this unblocked.


How to unblock CouchTuner in the UK?

Your ISP has control over what you can access so long as you’re attempting to access the content directly from inside the UK – which means you have to teleport your online presence outside the country, and access CouchTuner from a foreign location to be rid of your ISP’s watchful presence.

There are two options for doing this – a Smart DNS service or a VPN service. A Virtual Private Network service creates a private tunnel over the internet that opens up in a different country – effectively giving you an IP address from outside the UK. Your ISP has no control over this endpoint, which allows you to access whatever you want without worrying about geo-blocks or monitoring.

Furthermore, a VPN applies encryption on your web traffic to ensure that no one is able to identify your activities no matter what you’re accessing.

good-vpn-for-video-streamingA Smart DNS is a lighter weight alternative that doesn’t change your ISP, but alters your DNS server values to route your traffic from a non-UK location – the effect is the same, your ISP cannot block your activities.

However, there is still the slim risk that your ISP (or another third party) may employ packet inspect to piece together what you’re up to, and in such a case, a Smart DNS will be of no help because it does not encrypt your traffic.

A good VPN service you could sign up for, that doesn’t maintain any activity logs, has an extensive server selection, and decent connection speeds, is ExpressVPN. If you’re looking for even more encryption you could opt for NordVPN instead, but at the cost of slightly dampened download speeds.

If you’re confident that no one will be actively sniffing out your data traffic, you can go for a lightweight, inexpensive SmartDNS software such as Unlocator too. Regardless of what you choose though, you will now be able to unblock blocked sites such as CouchTuner!

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