How to Watch HBO in UK

HBO is a TV channel brought to the masses by Warner Bros and is one of the USA’s most popular household names. In this guide, you will learn how to watch HBO in UK.

It offers some of the best movies and TV shows of any, such as the upcoming The Little Things with Denzel Washington.

The problem for anyone inside the United Kingdom is there is no HBO MAX release available in the UK, and fans of Game of Thrones and True Detective need alternatives to access these great HBO shows.

Watch HBO GO in UK

You can find over 10,000 hours of content available on HBO, so it’s a shame to miss out. Luckily, you can go through this guide and find out all the ways you can watch HBO UK.

By the end, you’ll see all the streaming options you have to watch any HBO series you want, and some options even mean using a VPN.

It is simple to watch some great HBO content free and available in the UK if you use a VPN. (Find the Best VPN for the UK)

HBO Now vs HBO Go vs HBO Max

Although nearly cleared up, there is still a little confusion with the HBO channel and what is available. Here you can see the difference between HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO Max.

HBO used to have three separate streaming services. The main difference was how you paid for them. HBO Max and HBO Now were standalone services anyone could sign up for at $14.99 per month. HBO Go was provided to existing HBO cable customers free of charge.

HBO Max is different, and the new streaming service mixes HBO’s own content with new exclusives in the Warner Media portfolio. Now, you get HBO series with Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, among more.

Is There A Way to Watch HBO For Free?

If you want to watch HBO shows free, you have a limited set of shows that come with one, possibly two, episodes to watch. To get access to this free HBO content, head to the HBO website. You will need a VPN to access this site as it sits behind some geo-restrictions.

Across the top of the page, there is a heading of ‘Free Episodes.’ It offers a quick way to watch some HBO shows from the entertainment giant.

At one point, there were seasons of The Sopranos, and many others, yet now you get Barry, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Westworld tasters.

How Can I Watch HBO Max in the UK?

Since there is no global rollout of HBO Max at present, the service, for the most part, is for use inside the United States. However, to ease its way into certain regions, the TV network has streaming rights with certain partners.

Here you can see how you could be watching HBO on these partner streaming services and gain access to the wealth of original programming you can find when watching HBO.

HBO TV Shows

Watch HBO on Sky Atlantic & NowTV?

Sky possesses the exclusive rights to air HBO series and movies inside the UK. It is possible to watch popular HBO shows on Sky Atlantic like Breaking Bad, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Better Call Saul, and Game of Thrones. Along with this, there is access to Sky originals.

The biggest drawback being the extra $20 per month to get Sky Atlantic. Much of this as the service offers premium content. The other drawback being it isn’t possible to add Sky to a TV package.

Thus, there is an alternative to Sky Atlantic and the Entertainment Pass at $8.99; it is a much cheaper alternative. You can obtain a Now TV pass that is a subscription service and is part of Sky so that you can get HBO Now UK Series, shows, and movies.

However, there is one slight catch. You might not be able to access all the HBO catalog on Now TV. TV shows are in rotation and can get pulled as easily as they are added. Game of Thrones one day, and then it’s gone the next month.

Watch HBO Go UK on Amazon Prime Video

UK fans of HBO in the UK have another alternative. You can get Amazon Prime Video Channel and add HBO as an add-on channel.

While it sounds good if you already have an Amazon Prime account, you must remember that HBO Now UK no longer exists, and HBO Max is a US-only service.

You can add this channel to Amazon Prime, yet you still need a VPN to access HBO in the UK. Add to this; it also comes out as a more expensive option when you add the additional costs on top of a Prime subscription.

How Do I Get HBO Channel

Here you can learn all you need about accessing the TV provider channel in the UK using a VPN.

HBO in the UK Subscription

All great streaming channels come with a price, and HBO Max offering premium content asks a premium price for the service. While there is no access HBO in the UK without VPN, the subscription plans is the same all-over.

HBO Max is $14.99 per month when you subscribe. You can subscribe through the iOS or Google Play Store, Apple TV, and also Hulu. Yet, you will find the streaming service is still only available in the US. You can subscribe to access HBO Max on PC or Smart TV.

You can also find content coming and going, so there will always be a demand. Game of Thrones a huge crowd puller as well as Silicon Valley.

The only way you can access the new streaming service from outside the US is by using a VPN (a virtual private network)

A VPN secures your browsing traffic through an encrypted tunnel from your device to the server you want to access. No one, not even your ISP, can see what you are doing online.

Here are the steps you need to follow to sign up and sign in to HBO UK

Sign Up for HBO streaming

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN for streaming
  2. Install the VPN app and log in using your details
  3. Connect to a USA server from the server list.
  4. Sign in to (you can also use the HBO Max app).

HBO Max Subscription in UK

Sign up for HBO Max

Head to on your computer or your phone.

  1. Fill out the new account form, and select ‘Create Account.’ Use these details to sign in with your password.
  2. Add your payment method and enter a promo code if you have one
  3. Select ‘Start Subscription’
  4. Select ‘Let’s Go’

Payments for HBO in UK

  1. Launch your VPN on your iOS/Android device and connect to a US server
  2. Create a new Apple ID/Google Play account in your browser that’s tied to the US (leave a phone number and country blank)
  3. Register your new account on your iOS/Android device app store
  4. You should now have access to the US app store – download the HBO Max app
  5. Create a new account with your email address and password
  6. Use PayPal as your method of payment (this can be a UK account)
  7. Once your account is verified, you can sign in from any device

You should now be able to watch HBO Max as if you were in the US, providing you have a VPN on the device you’re using. As always, when using a VPN to access content abroad, be aware that you’ll violate HBO Max terms of use.

The company could theoretically cancel your account if it notices you’re using a VPN. Proceed at your own risk.

To watch UK HBO as you would have to in any other country, using a VPN service is the key to a great experience. They do this by hiding your IP address from the sight of your ISP and the HBO streaming platform in the United States. (Learn How to Watch Hulu in UK)

You are in the country; however, you can sit in the UK or any other country. Using VPN services also offer more benefits than just accessing HBO content. Your ISP won’t see what you are doing in any activity and thus can’t retain data that can build up an online profile.

Second, as you search for any content of pages, including HBO or other streaming platforms, your ISP won’t throttle your connection because of excessive streaming data consumption. You will get back your full connection speed, so there won’t be any buffering or freezing of your HD video.

Besides this, you are free to try out your VPN by using the 30-day money-back guarantee and using it as a 30-day free trial. HBO may have cancelled their seven-day free trial, but it’s good to know you still get something from the best VPN for streaming HBO in the UK.