How to Watch Hulu Plus in UK

Hulu is a fantastic streaming platform that rivals Netflix in many areas. It has its own Hulu Originals, and while it may not have as big a catalogue as Netflix, it certainly leaps well ahead as it offers access to over 60+ American TV channels for one great price. Read on and learn how to watch Hulu in UK.

That is unless you wish to have Hulu with Live TV and watch movies or TV shows as they air rather than the day after.

You may ask is Hulu available in the UK and be dismayed to find it is intended for US shores only.

Luckily, you can use this guide and find out the answer to can you get Hulu in the UK and how to do it.

Watch Hulu in UK

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Can I Get Hulu in the UK?

Hulu is not accessible for any viewers outside the US, and including anyone in the UK. if anyone tries to watch Hulu in the UK, they get a message such as ‘service not available in your region.’

The only way you can bypass these restrictions is to change your IP address from one in the UK to an American one. A VPN is the one way that can do this easily for you.

Much of these restrictions are down to the many licensing restrictions in place from the various network owners.

How Can I Watch Hulu in Another Country?

The key to watching Hulu in the UK is to use the best VPN services possible. You can find a few VPNs that cater to many overseas streaming services.

Some enable access to a couple of services, yet they often fall for some major streaming platforms like US Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and CBS, and even iPlayer from outside the UK. (Learn How to Watch CBS in the UK)

Once you select the right VPN service to work with Hulu, watching Hulu from the UK or outside the USA is straightforward. Here are the first steps to follow to get you using a VPN to watch Hulu in UK in 2021:

  1. Select a premium streaming VPN service
  2. Download and install the Hulu VPN app on your device
  3. Open and log into the VPN app. Select a US-based server from the list before connecting
  4. Head to the Hulu website and either continue to sign up or carry on and watch Hulu in UK.

Note: The above steps are typically for anyone with an account. You can use the sign-up methods to complete the process.

How Much is Hulu UK?

You will discover that Hulu is a very cost-effective way to watch many movies and TV shows direct from the USA. With the plans, you have three options, ad-supported, no ads, and Hulu with live TV.

All Hulu TV plan subscriptions enable users to access the full library, and as you move up, they add more features:

  • Hulu Basic – Ad-supported with Ads £4.55 per month or $5.99
  • Hulu Premium – No Ads £9.10 per month or $11.99
  • Hulu + Live TV – £41.73/Month or $64.99 per month

Even the basic subscription offers thousands of TV series episodes of content, 1000s of films, and Hulu Originals.

If you select the ad-supported or no ad plan, you have a one-month free trial. Hulu + Live TV offers a 7-day free trial.

You can also discover Hulu has apps that support a wide range of devices, such as

  • Android and iOS (iPhone/iOS)
  • Windows and macOS
  • Smart TV (LG, Vizio, Samsung, and LG)
  • Roku, Fire TV/ Amazon FireStick
  • Apple TV
  • PlayStation, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo

Hulu app in UK

How Do I Download the UK Hulu App?

It can be straightforward to get shows and movies from the Hulu app in UK or anywhere else as long as you follow a few simple steps. Basically, these are:

1. Sign up for the Smart DNS free trial or a premium streaming VPN (a virtual private network) to make it appear you are accessing Hulu inside the USA.
2. Use a payment method Hulu accepts.

Now, here you can find out exactly how to complete both portions of this exercise. We will use a VPN in the sample rather than a Smart DNS as these don’t offer any protection of your data.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Unblock Hulu UK with VPN

The IP address of your router identifies your location and country. When trying to access the Hulu website, the servers see your IP address. they can tell you’re in the UK and block access.

To watch Hulu in the UK, you need to make your IP address look like it is in America.

Hulu now stops access to Hulu using cheap proxies.

When you install and run the client app, you can log in and change to a US server. Your ISP and Hulu will think you are in America and not outside the US for all purposes.

Add Payment Method to Access Hulu UK

Next, before you get the Hulu app, you need to create your account and add your payment method to access Hulu in UK.

A VPN can only bypass the geo-restrictions, and you do need to add a payment method.

As an additional block to stop people from accessing Hulu outside the USA. Hulu blocked credit cards and PayPal from certain countries.

You can try your UK credit card or PayPal account and check if the service accepts it. if it doesn’t carry on here, to soon be watching Hulu UK.

The way to tell is the error: “Sorry, we cannot process your order at this time.” See this, and Hulu hasn’t accepted a UK payment method.

Hulu account in UK

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Pay for My Account on Hulu In UK

Now you see the Hulu website won’t accept your payment method (credit card or PayPal), you can try the following:

The best and easiest option is to use a Hulu gift card.

You can purchase these online from various retailers, and the gift card code is sent via email to you.

Once you receive it, you can continue with the Hulu signup procedure and using the gift card as your payment method.

Now, you should have an active Hulu account, and you will have answered the can I watch Hulu in the UK question once you start to stream.

Once you have set up your account, you can head into the billing section and then try adding your chosen payment method. It appears that Hulu makes this check on account set up and not for continual payments.

Use American PayPal for Hulu

You can try another means of payment, although it can take a little more effort, to begin with. It is possible to create a PayPal account in another country.
You will still require your Hulu VPN to help as you need the PayPal service to think you reside in the USA for the duration.

  1. Run your VPN client and make sure you have connected to a US server. You can use VPN browser extensions, yet using the full app means all your system will send data through the tunnel to the USA and not just browser traffic.
  2. Head to the PayPal website and sign up to create a new account.
  3. Be sure to use an email address and credit card or debit card not associated with your UK PayPal account.
  4. If you need to add a telephone number, you can purchase a virtual phone number that allows for text messaging. You will need this for two-factor authentication.
  5. After you create this account, you can head back to the Hulu website.

Carry on with your signup procedure using your American PayPal account information.

It is also possible to purchase a US prepaid card, although some of the older ones are blocked by streaming services because of their popularity to unblock Hulu and other services.

Now you have done this, you will be able to watch Hulu in UK, you will find some of the best shows and movies on all streaming services.

With all this, you can try this using your premium VPN to access Hulu in the UK without committing too much. You can unblock TV shows when you access Hulu knowing you have one month free.

You can also watch Hulu streaming service risk-free as you have a 30-day money-back guarantee with your VPN. Time these together, and you can unblock Hulu on the same day as you start your money-back guarantee.

A DNS proxy may appear to be a reliable method, yet these offer no way as much as your VPN services will offer you.

A smart DNS proxy can help you access content available in the USA from sites like Hulu. Yet, if you need anonymity or want to send sensitive data or carry out banking from anywhere else, you need the security a VPN offers.

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