How to Access Icefilms in the UK – Icefilms Unblocked

Icefilms is a site catering to your TV entertainment and movie’s needs. They have a huge library of popular content and the latest releases.

There isn’t much for animation lovers, though and you also won’t find the good old school titles. But when it comes to downloading latest contents, you should turn to Icefilms.

Not only they have the latest movies, but they also are regular in updating new episodes of various ongoing TV series. You can also find many stand-up shows on the website.

Icefilms UK website

Access Icefilms in the UK

Unblock icefilms with ease

There are complaints about Icefilms not working, and users in the UK are unable to access the Icefilms URL The Icefilms Kodi addon is also broken. Yes, there also is an addon that you can use with your Kodi software to watch the extensive library of Icefilms. This Kodi movies addon pulls its contents from the Icefilms’ website.

Well, nothing is wrong with Icefilms or your device. It’s the UK government which has got Icefilms blocked along with many other websites.

While downloading from Icefilms is safe, it is not legal. They offer premium contents for free. No matter which ISP you choose, you can’t access Icefilms. As the Kodi addon uses contents only from the Icefilms’ server, the addon also won’t work.

Get Icefilms unblocked in UK

Using VPN is a sure shot Icefilms fix. Once you have your connection up, you can bypass the censorship and access the site. If you can access the website, you don’t need any other Icefilms Kodi fix. Get the best VPN for Kodi and start enjoying.

After you have downloaded ExpressVPN login to your account and connect to a, say, US server. After the connection is successful, the server encrypts the connection and gives the device an IP address of the US.

Now you can download your favourite movies and shows from Icefilms as if you are in the US. Also, with the encrypted communication channel, your ISP or government can’t know what you are doing online.

Using Icefilms proxy

Proxies are another way to unblock restricted access. But the downside is that the traffic is not encrypted.

The ISP can see you are downloading and streaming contents from the famous Icefilms. You are not anonymous, and you may get a copyright infringement notice soon. Using proxies in such matters is potentially harmful to you.

Use Kodi with VPN

Once the website is live, you can also use the Icefilms Kodi addon without any further hard work.

Icefilms proxy

Unblock icefilms with ease

You also are anonymous and thus safe from ISP’s prying eyes. Many other Kodi addons are famous for their illegal streaming sources. You may never know when you have broken few of the laws.

Even if you are aware that you are using legal services, you can always use a VPN to access geo-restricted services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go.

ExpressVPN supports many platforms, and there is one for sure for any device you are running Kodi on.

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  1. Been using it with NordVPN for a long time. It works fine, even when my internet speed isn’t very fast the VPN doesn’t seem to affect it.

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