How to use Kodi and Kodi Addons in the UK

What is Kodi?

Formerly known as Xbox Media center or XBMC for short, Kodi was created back in 2003 and is open-source software, which means anyone can download it and make changes to the program and then use it however they so desire. (Read our complete Kodi set up guide)

It was designed with home entertainment in mind and has since evolved due to the 500 software developers that worked on it, including more than 200 translators.

It was initially made for Xbox, but it became so popular that the powers that be decided to launch it separately as well.


It has been modified again and again and has hundreds of different addons that have different functions.

What does it do and how to use xbmc?

Kodi is a tool, like a browser, and it can be used on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, turning it into a streamer, giving you the ability to stream files from the internet.


It’s completely free, and because it’s open-source software, it’s not held back by any licensing hodgepodge, meaning you can download community-made apps and use them however you like.

It can easily be connected to larger TV’s be used as a proper home entertainment system.

Some of its features include:what-is-kodi

  • Its supported devices include everything available in the market today. It works more or less on everything, with a few tweaks.
  • It’s legal, and it’s free. What more could you ask for? Anyone can download it and start using it. For simplicity’s sake, think of it as a media player with the option to have a lot of great addons.
  • It’s straightforward to set up, a simple download, and you’re good to go.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Kodi extensions. They are in no specific order.

  • Salts: it lets you stream movies and TV shows from a bunch of different sources. Videos in different qualities are available like High definition, High, medium, and low. You can save your library and subscribe, so you’re kept updated at all times.
  • Exodus: another addon where you can watch your favorite movies and shows, each has its features, so look through them and choose which suits you best.
  • 1Channel/Primewire has a huge library of movies, along with some tv shows. It has more than 60,000 videos forkodi-extensions you to go crazy over.
  • UK Turks Playlists: Has a variety of different content, everything from animated series and cartoons to documentaries.
  • Specto: This is the updated version of genesis, and has a very well-rounded collection of shows to choose from, suitable for viewers of all ages.
  • Velocity: This is a very stable addon with a lot of new content and features that recently came out. Has 2 versions, one for kids and one for adults.
  • Phoenix: Not much to say about this; it gives you the most content in the best possible quality. Enough said.
  • Youtube: need I explain more? It’s youtube, in all its glory. You can subscribe, add to favorites, and all those features you love and use.

These were some of the features and extensions, but is it all legal? kodi-stream-tv-shows

The answer is Yes! Kodi is perfectly legal and can be used by anyone with no limitations. It’s a tool; it depends on the user how to use it.

Although Kodi itself is legal, some of its add-ons fall in a legal gray area, they’re not illegal but aren’t particularly permissible either. These extensions are made by coders and developers that are not associated with the official team, so it all depends on its functionality more or less.


This is a great software that is entirely legal and, best of all, free! Simply do a Kodi download and install the kodi app. Then depending on what type of extensions you install, you can have access to the best and most recent shows and whichever Kodi movie you want.

Your imagination only limits it. You can browse through your library with ease, and the best part is, the development of the app is still going strong and has periodic updates.

And with the recent updates, you can even use Kodi on smaller devices like a smartphone. Some iPhones might need to be jailbroken first so check for compatibility before you take

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