What is the Best Kodi Build for Firestick?

I see you are excited about enjoying the magic of Kodi on your TV. And yes, the Kodi Firestick way is the easiest way to get movies, TV shows, live sports and many other free streaming services on the big screen.

You may already be using on your phones but getting it on your Amazon Fire TV Sticks is not the same. So, here in this installation guide, I will show you how to download Kodi 17 (Krypton), the latest Kodi build and other third-party Kodi builds on your Amazon Firestick.

But first, a little background check.

Kodi Firestick

Kodi in the UK

About Kodi

There are many Kodi boxes found all around the market to help you get the services of Kodi on TV. But in fact, those boxes are little android TV boxes in disguise, with the Kodi software on board.

Kodi – also called XBMC because of its developer XBMC Foundation – is a media player. In its most basic, you can use it to play the media files stored on your device. (What?) Oh, wait! There is more.

There are a considerable number of addons which helps Kodi help you watch any streaming service around the world (well, most of them).

The software is available for download not only on mobiles but PC, Mac and Linux and even on Raspberry Pi. And for now, here’s how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV boxes and Sticks.

Kodi installation on Amazon devices

Before you proceed further with the steps, I would recommend you to install a Kodi VPN (Check our top UK VPN guide)? But why?

While you are safe with the official builds and official Kodi add-ons, Kodi is ill-famous for illegal streaming channels. And using a VPN for the Fire TV build can save you from probable fines and penalties.

It’s another thing that our UK government hasn’t yet booked anyone for illegal streaming, but why take a chance. VPNs encrypt your network, and anything you do on the Internet is hidden from the outer world.

ExpressVPN is one of the VPN service providers with dedicated software for many devices, and it has one for your Amazon device too.

Also, you can use its network of servers to unlock content from any part of the world. Many content providers, like the American HBO, lock their services to the respective countries. VPNs can get you past those blocks.

Now, the installation process –Kodi add-ons

  1. Power up your device – plug your Stick into the TV and the USB cable to a USB port.
  2. Before you download and install Kodi, you need to make some system changes. Go to Settings >> System >> Developer Options. Scroll to the “Apps from Unknown Sources.” If it’s not already turned ON, now is the time to do so.
  3. Now you can go back to the home screen.
  4. Open the Amazon App Store, search and install an app Downloader.
  5. Once the installation is complete, launch Downloader and go to the following URL: http://kodi.tv/download.
  6. You are now on the official Kodi download page. If it asks for the platform, select Android and then select the ARM 32-bit link. At times, it opens the Android page by default.
  7. You will get a pop-up after the download completes, click “Install.”
  8. The Kodi installation screen opens. Here “Select All” and click “Install” at the bottom.

Well, that was all you need to do. The process will install Kodi Krypton (version 17), the latest one. Return to the home screen, and you will find Kodi sitting there peacefully among other apps.

Install Kodi Jarvis (version 16)

Kodi used to be a geeky thing until the arrival of Jarvis, the 2016 version with a simple and easy-to-use interface. If Krypton’s interface seems a bit confusing or it lags on your Firestick, you can switch to Jarvis. Also, Jarvis has better compatibility with the older addons.

You can find the file in the Kodi archives or here is the direct link to Kodi 16.1 ARMv7a (32- bit) – http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/android/arm/old/.

Getting started with Kodi builds

After Kodi is on, you can start installing your favourite Kodi TV addons, and if it’s your first time, you can go to the third party builds. These third-party builds are quite helpful in the quick setup of your Kodi environment. These builds contain a group of top Kodi addons including the most used Kodi movies addons, for TV shows and even for sports. Apart from addons, there are customisations and themes to make Kodi easier.

Addons are what makes Kodi all-powerful. And getting a bunch of Kodi Sports addons saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to wander places looking for your favourite streaming channels. Also, the installation process is almost similar to an addon.

Oh, wait! Do you know how to install a Kodi addon? Here’s how to do it.

Installing addon from the SuperRepo repository

The addons need to ‘live’ somewhere on the Internet, and a repository is that place. It’s like a storage space for and to download an add-on, you should have access to the corresponding repository. SuperRepo is one such repository and following are the steps to install it –

  1. Enter the System menu of Kodi and select “Add Source.”SuperRepo repository
  2. Enter this URL as the source: http://srp.nu. At this location, the zip file of the repo is available for download.
  3. Name of the source as SuperRepo, of course.
  4. Click “OK” and go back to the menu.
  5. Select “Add-ons” and choose the package installer option to install new addons. (Even the installation steps for a repo are like those of addons).
  6. Select “Install from zip file.”
  7. The “SuperRepo” is on the list (name of the source). Click on it, and it will open the URL.
  8. There are files made for different Kodi versions. Select the one made for you, and a notification pops up when the installation is complete.

Now when the SuperRepo installation is complete, you can download one of the thousand add-ons available there. If you want to install Bennu (say), this is how to do it –

  1. Skip the above five steps and select “Install from repository” instead of the zip option.
  2. Bennu is in the “Video addons” folder.
  3. Look for it and click to install. A notification will pop up upon completion.

Now you can install any build, all you need is the source – the build’s repository. But the Kodi builds also differ from each other when it comes to hardware needs. Following are some of the top Kodi make builds for Amazon Firestick –


The Titanium build is a light-weight, super-fast Kodi builds which works excellent for Firestick. With the Xonfluence skin, it runs smoothly and is a perfect build for slow devices. There are useful addons like Genesis Reborn, Phoenix, Covenant, Neptune Rising and UK Turks, to name a few.

Titanium buildThe content is well categorised, and you can find categories for Movies, Sports, Sports Replays, Kids Zone, Music, All-in-One, Live TV (also paid ones), Shows and many others. It’s available in the Supreme Builds repository  – http://repo.supremebuilds.com/.

After installing the Supreme Builds repo, follow these steps –

  1. Select “Install from repository” and choose “Supreme Builds” from the list.
  2. Go to Program add-ons >> Supreme Builds Wizard and install it. You will get a notification when the installation finishes.
  3. Go back to your home screen, and then Program add-ons >> Supreme Builds Wizard >> Supreme Builds >> Titanium Build.
  4. Select “Standard Install” and then confirm.
  5. It takes some time to download a build (because of the size), and then the installation starts automatically.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish and exit Kodi. (Force close if Kodi freezes for quite some time)
  7. Start Kodi and enjoy the new environment.

OK, now there is a new term – Wizard. You can consider it as Kodi build installer.

No Limits Magic

There is a section for everyone in the No Limits Magic Build. With the Aeon Nox 5 skin, this is an excellent build for Amazon Firestick with an easy-to-use interface. It includes a lot of powerful addons like Bob Unleashed, Pyramid, Covenant and others. You get quick access to movies, TV shows and there also are live TV addons available there.

No Limits Magic buildHere is the download URL: http://nolimitsbuilds.com/kodi/. After the repo is installed, go to Program add-ons >> No Limits Wizard and choose one of the No Limits Magic version to install.

Pulse CCM

When it comes to a build which is known for a long time, Pulse it is. Like other builds, it also has categories like TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Live TV and even system settings on the main menu. The addons list includes top third-party addons like Covenant, Picasso, Gurzil and Bennu among others.

You can install it from the Ares wizard, and it is available at http://ares-repo.eu. Ares has many other Kodi builds, and users consider it the best Kodi wizard. You will have to browse the builds’ list and select Pulse to install. There also are some system settings useful for Kodi’s maintenance.

Misfit Mods Lite

The Misfit Mods team has some popular builds to its credit, and the lightweight ‘Lite’ build is an excellent option for Firestick and other slow, low-end devices. There are plenty of sports addons and some of the best movies and TV addons like Swift Streams, Mobdro and UKTVNow. There also is a TV guide available inside.

Here is the download location of the repo: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/. After you have a successful installation of the repo and the wizard, go to Programs >> Misfitmods wizard >> Misfitmods Builds and choose the Lite version.

Fire TV Guru

Fire TV GuruAs the name says, it’s made for Amazon’s Fire devices and has a strong visual appeal because of the Xonfire skin. Along with a clean layout, there are lots of addons for all your TV viewing needs. There are sections for Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Live TV, Music, All-in-One and also Maintenance.

Fire TV Guru has Covenant, Quantum, Bob Unleashed and Elysium, among other add-ons. Download the repo here: http://firetvguru.net/ and go to Program add-ons >> Fire TV Wizard >> Fire TV Guru.

Kryptikz ZT

Another must-try build for Firestick is the Kryptikz. It has sections like Movies, Kids, TV, Doc Zone, Sports, System and an All-in-One category. Top add-ons like Neptune Rising are available with Kryptikz. You can install it through the ZT wizard and here is the repo: http://repozip.zerotolerance.gq/.

After the installation is complete, you can find the Kryptikz build among other builds in the wizard. Install and enjoy.

Next, the Ares wizard

Although not a build, Ares deserves a special mention because of the system maintenance options it offers.

The repo of the Ares Project has a lot of resources for Kodi, and one of them is the Ares wizard. It is well-maintained, and you can find addons for Music, Comedy, Sports, Fitness, Food, Anime and a lot more.

In Ares wizard, there also are many Kodi builds as said above. And not to forget the system settings to maintain the Kodi software.

You can use it to backup, clear logs, precise data and even erase data/fresh start. Although not required during Kodi update, you should wipe previous data and do a clean installation when you want to install a separate build. With Ares, it’s a natural process, and then you can feed new data to your Kodi.

Here are the steps to fresh start Kodi –

  1. Download and install Ares wizard if you haven’t done it yet. Repo URL: http://ares-repo.eu.
  2. Launch Ares Wizard and go to “Extras.”
  3. There is the option to Erase Data/Fresh Start. Select it.
  4. Press OK and wait for the Kodi to restart.

When Kodi launches, you will see the standard, original Kodi, without any customisations, tweaks or change in the default settings. So, go and try new builds as many times as you want.