How to Stream NBA Online from Anywhere in the World

With the NBA season getting well underway, it won’t be long before the playoffs come around and it will be time for the finals which has basketball fans gripped with all the action from the top teams of the 2019 basketball season.

The problem is, watching these games outside the US isn’t easy due to geo-blocked content.

With this in mind, we have taken a look at how you can stream the current NBA season from anywhere around the world.

Before looking at the best NBA streaming options, it is worth mentioning the NBA blackouts that will affect whatever means you opt for if you want to watch the NBA live.

Stream NBA OnlineNBA Blackouts

These NBA blackouts are blocks on games’ airing when they are being broadcast on traditional TV channels.

This means if there is a team from Los Angeles as an example and their game is being broadcast on a local channel, then streaming services that see you are located in that area won’t be broadcasting the game.

This has an easy workaround, as does the geo-blocking of content, and this is to use a VPN service.

PrivateVPN is a good example. However, this isn’t the best VPN for UK users because it still has a relatively small network, and their connections to streaming services might not work from specific locations.

With a top-class VPN, you can change your US location to outside where an NBA game is being broadcast, thus avoiding the blackouts.

Although there are no legal issues with doing this, it is the way things are set up with the NBA and other US sports (NHL).

Now let’s take a look at the options you have for an NBA streaming service.

NBA in UKWatching the NBA in the UK

For UK NBA viewers, there are a couple of options. You can have a cable subscription and BT sports add-on, but this might not last long because BT is walking away from this area of services they offer due to costs.

The next is Sky Sports which can be part of a SKY package, or as an add-on, this makes it far more expensive than other options in this list. You also have the problem of how to watch NBA in the UK when you are away from home.

You can also sign up to use Now TV, but this service doesn’t allow sports to catch up or the red button services. To see how it affects NBA games online, you need to check the Sky TV planner.

Watch NBA on TVFuboTV

One of the first real options is FuboTV, it is a sports streaming service, but the reliability of streaming NBA games is questionable for the price. After the 7-day free trial and the reduced rate for the first month, the $44.99 cost delivers NBA TV, TNT, and NBC Sports and other non-sporting channels.

This service is also available on Android, iOS, Android TV/ Fire, Roku, and others. You miss out on ESPN and ABC, which delivers tons of content, but there is plenty to consider.

Sling TV

This service’s cost varies from $25 to $40 because there are numerous packages available.
It is available for a host of devices and does deliver plenty of local channels apart from ABC. For ABC live games of the NBA, you can stream using the WatchESPN app.

The Sling TV orange pack comes in at $25 per month with TNT and ESPN as standard, for another $5 per month, you can unlock NBA TV.

Because you need a good quality VPN to access all of the games throughout the season fully, you need to change servers.

If you have a VPN which gives you a US IP address that falls in the following areas Bay Area, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Portland, or Washington, D.C. you will find you might need to go for the Sling Blue package at $40 per month to get local coverage of NBC sports.

NBA League PassStreaming With NBA League Pass

There is no better option for serious NBA fans than the NBA League Pass, and with this, you have access to live to stream of everything which isn’t already on National TV or subject to the local blackouts.

The workaround using a VPN can bypass this as long as you choose a state for a connection where the games aren’t being broadcast.

The downside to the NBA League Pass is the cost, but if you are into basketball and want to watch all the current games, there is no better option.

You can take the NBA Team Pass option and follow one team, but you will miss out on a host of other great NBA 2019 season games.

This service can be purchased online directly, and to be safe or any confusion, it is recommended to use a VPN to complete your sign up procedure.

The most common League Pass prices are:

  • NBA League Pass for all teams and content: $199 per year or $28.99 per month
  • NBA League Pass Premium for all teams plus in-arena streams: $249.99 per year or $39.99 per month
  • NBA Team Pass for your favourite team: $119.99 per year or $17.99 per month

With this streaming service, you can watch any game on a vast number of devices:

  • PC and Mac
  • iOS and Android devices
  • Amazon Fire TV and Kindle devices,
  • Roku 3 and 4,
  • Apple TV, Android TV,
  • Samsung smart TVs,
  • Game Consoles and many others

If you want to stream NBA free, there are not many options due to how the NBA is locked down and made accessible.

The closest you can get to watching free NBA games online is to use an NBA League Pass free trial.

Doing this might take you back to Sling TV which can be used as a TV provider when signing up for the service.

No matter which method you use, you will need a good VPN that allows you to change cities to where games are not being broadcast, and also comes with a vast server network (ExpressVPN a good example) so it can deliver the fastest speeds, regardless of where you happen to be in the world.

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