What will Happen in the UK if Net Neutrality is Overturned

With the ongoing debate on net neutrality in the US, the world is worried. But according to the European Parliament net neutrality is here to stay. They already have voted down the amendments to the existing regulations.

The net neutrality in UK is protected under the EU’s Regulation on Open Internet Access, and these rules are regulating the net neutrality in EU offer some of the strongest net neutrality protections in the world.


What is Net Neutrality

Net neutrality means each data that moves across the network is given equal priority, irrespective of the type. If you are wondering about “How net neutrality works?” the answer is, it prohibits the ISPs from speeding up, slowing down or blocking particular contents. And lets us browse through the information available on the web.

Net neutrality explained in simpler terms is “Except congestion or equipment failure, every data packet has an equal chance of reaching its destination at the same speed.”

The fight for Net Neutrality

Major tech companies have lined up on opposing sides. Content providers like Google, Amazon, and Netflix support net neutrality, while the Internet Service Providers have raised their voices against it. Everyone argues that their position will promote growth and won’t hamper innovation.

fight for Net Neutrality

In present times, ISPs cannot block access or slow selected data. Large companies or the freelancers, everyone has got the same access and equal rights to share ideas. Thus, it helps innovation and gives everyone, the freedom of expression.

The ISPs think otherwise. They argue that not all but many people consume enormous amounts of data on the infrastructure created and maintained by them and they should be able to charge those users more. And thus, can make better investments.

What if the rules cease to exist

The internet has allowed for many start-ups to become successful. Without the freedom and open network that is existent today Facebook or Netflix could not have emerged.

As long as the operators implement the guidelines by BEREC, neutrality is safe. In the absence of the neutrality, ISPs would be able to create ‘slow lane’ internet with priority to paying clients. With the usage controlled by the ISPs, new companies would have a hard time getting their ideas to the mass audience. If streaming sites have to pay ISPs to deliver their services, the situation may lead to a rise in the cost of services.

VPNs and Net Neutrality

VPNs have helped citizens by unblocking contents that are restricted in the region. A VPN service provider geo-shifts VPNs and Net Neutralityyour location to another country. The traffic on slow lanes would pile up, and a VPN can help you get around some of that congestion. Also, they encrypt your content, protecting it from the eyes of ISP, and thus not affecting their speed.

If you haven’t done yet, set up a VPN now. There are many free VPN services out there but with a paid service provider like ExpressVPN UK users would get excellent benefits. People have voted it among the top VPN service vendors and it has many servers around the world.

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