How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

Access to Omegle is easy because it doesn’t require you to sign up. This is one of the reasons it has become one of the best chat sites on the internet. Omegle users can speak to other random users by text, or by video.

As much fun as it is using the site, it appears to Omegle bans users for no apparent reason. The problem is, how long you will be banned for, and how to unban Omegle so you can carry on chatting.

Here, we look at all you need to know about an Omegle ban, and ultimately, how to get unbanned from Omegle.

Omegle bans users

How does Omegle Work?

Users can interact a few ways on Omegle. You can chat one on one with either text or video, or you can act as a spy.

In this mode, you sit in the middle of a conversation between two strangers.

Everything is anonymous, but you can add your Facebook likes as your topics. Additionally, college students can add their college email address for verification and can chat with other students.

Video chat is monitored by the service, and the site warns users the system isn’t perfect and they can face problems. Hence, being banned on Omegle for random reasons.

There is no mobile app, and on desktops, there is nothing to download and install, but the service works happily in browsers.

Why Users are Banned on Omegle?

Users who are banned from Omegle are often puzzled why this happens. The site never gives a reason, but you do need to know why Omegle banned you before you can find an Omegle unbanner solution.

Other users keep dropping you. If other users keep dropping you because of your behaviour, the system moderators begin to inspect. If they think you act inappropriate, they will ban users.

Other users report you. You may think you have done nothing wrong, but this doesn’t mean someone can’t report you.

There can be reasons, or they just do so out of spite, but if it happens, then you will be blocked with no question.

Nudity falls into this section, and if it is forced, users hit that report button, unless they like what they see.

Swapping Chats too Often. Omegle wants to encourage conversation, so when users access Omegle just to snoop, they can find out they are not allowed access and become blocked.

Spamming and Restricted Words. Some users use bots to deliver messages, which contain ads. You may add a link to something, and the algorithm thinks you are advertising.

Adding to this, there is a library of restricted words. Use these too often, and it will think you are being too lewd.

Playing Music. For whatever reason, you can be banned from playing music in the background as you are chatting.

How Long is an Omegle Ban?

You can find different types of bans on Omegle, and each of these carries a different kind of penalty.

  • One Week – these are handed out for minor policy violations
  • Up to 4 months or 120 days – these are dished out for second offenses of policy violations
  • Permanent bans – these can be because of spamming, racism, forced nudity, and much more, which can be deemed offensive.

These fall outside any country, which blocks sites like Omegle because of content censorship.

This kind of block or ban shows as “Error Connecting to server, please try again.” Reasons for this can be faulty internet connection settings.

These errors can be resolved by a new IP address.

Being Unbanned on Omegle

As well as the IP address problem, which is the way that Omegle blocks you in the first place.

A Flash plugin problem can cause a problem, as can the accumulation of browsing data. You can also have corrupted DNS settings.

DNS commands need to be types in the command prompt.

  1. ipconfig/flushdns
  2. ipconfig/release
  3. ipconfig/release6
  4. ipconfig/renew

Omegle uses Flash a lot, so clearing all your website storage options can help.

While doing this, you can clear all your cookies. This can help in some situations.

Unbanned Omegle using VPN

Stop Omegle Bans with a VPN

As we saw, you will need to change your IP address to get back onto Omegle. The best and most reliable way to do this is through a VPN server.

VPN providers use a virtual private network. What this does is to route your connection data through a secure encrypted tunnel. When this happens, your IP address is changed to one from the VPN network.

Once you have VPN services installed, you can change the country in the client app to be in another location.

This allows you to bypass any geographic restrictions on Omegle, as well as to use the virtual private network to alter your IP, and thus allow you to be a different user on Omegle.

Our recommendation can be seen in an ExpressVPN review with a full range of features.

However, to summarize, you have unlimited server switching, so you can keep changing countries if Omegle bans you.

This VPN has over 3,000 VPN servers in 160 locations that span 94 countries. This makes it the ideal Omegle VPN no matter how many times the service prevents you from accessing your chat sessions.

To be sure, you get the best Omegle experience; you can sign up and test the features using their 30-day money-back guarantee. Just cancel before this ends, and you won’t pay a penny.

During this time, you will come to see it is the best VPN for video streaming, and it is by far the best VPN to get you unbanned from Omegle, no matter what the reason.

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