How to Watch OnDemandKorea in the UK

You may be thinking that OnDemandKorea is a service that is located in Korea. You would be wrong in this assumption because it is located inside the USA.

It contains a massive catalogue of popular content such as the best Korean movies, the newest Korean shows and all the K Pop music you can wish for.

After looking at what this streaming service offers, we will show how you can access OnDemandKorea 24 drama that is available for 24 hour periods.

OnDemandKorea for Korean shows

We will show how to sign up for a free account and what benefits you get for a Premium account.

First, we will look at what the latest in Korean programming offers users of the streaming service.

What is OnDemandKorea?

On-Demand Korea began back in 2012. It is owned by the ODK media company who brought the website to deliver current news, dramas, movies, variety programs and lots more besides.

A lot of the content is entirely free of charge, yet the wealth of content is deeper inside where there is a charge.

Korean shows and movies have been at the forefront of many great series and movie franchises, or standalone films. It is as if they have a natural gift for making interesting content.

When you browse the site, you can see they have their Pay-per-view contents, local channels including KBS, MBC and SBS.

Korean dramas, movies, variety are just the tip of what is available from all the popular Korean drama, movies and content to CBC religious broadcasting shows that are available under their religion tab.

It is an excellent service dedicated to offering the best in popular Korean dramas, movies and popular content from years of building up their local catalogue of popular content from networks such as JTBC, YTN channel for all family content and news.

For any fan of Korean contents, this 100% fully legal service dedicated to making their vast catalogue of popular content available for any Korean or fan inside the USA.

The issue for anyone wanting access outside the USA will face geo-restrictions. However, the remainder of this guide shows how to sign up for this service.

We also show the easiest way you can bypass these restrictions to use the OnDemandKorea app on any device.

Signing Up for OnDemandKorea

There are three ways you can use this service.

  • Free Membership: No payment and all it takes is to register with your email, D.O.B, gender and a password. You then have access to some free content.
  • In addition, Membership: Full Plus content in HD with no ads. $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.
  • Premium Membership: All content in HD with no ads. $10.99 per month or $109.99 per year.

Users can also watch PPV movies, yet Premium pay per view isn’t included, and these are purchased separately.

Accessing the On-Demand Korea App Outside the USA

For users outside the United States, the app is faced with geo-restrictions. If you try and use the on-demand Korea app or the website, you will face the error message on the video.

This says, “Currently OnDemandKorea is not available in your region” if you see the message while located in north/south America, email the support team.

Watching any content or browsing the site is impossible without the use of a VPN. With a VPN, it is just a matter of changing the VPN server to one in the USA, and you are good to go.

best VPN for streaming for OnDemandKorea

Choosing the Right VPN for OnDemandKorea

When it comes to selecting the best VPN for streaming, it can be a little bewildering to new users.

Not only are they looking for value for money, but they also need a VPN that delivers all the features they require.

Aside from this, any VPN should be serious about user privacy, as that is their primary focus. These VPN’s also need to cater to global connections to avoid any severe slowdowns.

When searching, there are many VPN’s that promise a vast range of features, yet when you delve under the surface, there are weak areas.

Here are three of the best VPN’s you can find, and even some of these have a chink or two somewhere.

Surfshark is a new VPN service that promises a lot. It is based outside of any jurisdiction, which is good and works on quite a few devices.

It offers a decent cost for a good feature set, yet they are still small in comparison to other VPN providers. Their network lacks the number of servers, and they can suffer with speeds as a result.

One other thing is this VPN does come with an ad-blocker. However, OnDemandKorea won’t work with any ad-blocker running. This makes this VPN possibly unsuitable.

Next is NordVPN. This is seen as the number one VPN for privacy; however, recently, there are stories that one of the data centres left a remote management interface in their server. As a result, the VPN was hacked.

This may not be the fault of the VPN provider, yet it happened. Aside from this, everything else about the company makes them among the top VPN’s for security and for remaining anonymous when online.

ExpressVPN is seen as the premium streaming VPN and with good reason. They have a global network of thousands of servers that spans 94+ countries.

All these are optimised for streaming, and even ISP’s can’t throttle connections, as they can’t see what users are accessing.

New users can check all the features with the 30-day money-back guarantee. They will see the wide variety of devices this VPN runs on, including routers.

The performance level it delivers with the fastest download speeds and the safety of all their users.

All servers now run in ram-disk mode, so nothing is stored on a physical hard disk. This TrustedServer is just another feature from this company, which shows it is vital for a user to choose the right VPN service.

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