Overplay Smart DNS Review

Want to watch your favourite series online, but find that it’s blocked in your country? Trying to catch up on the latest Game Of Thrones, but HBO has restricted content in your area?

If you’ve faced either of these dilemmas, you might already have heard something about DNS and VPN servers. So which to pick? It can be confusing. Especially if you are not the most computer-savvy type.


unlocator for the uk

I will offer a (very) brief overview of what these two acronyms stand for. Then I’ll get right into the review of a product I would recommend.

Sometimes it can help to simply have a product you know something about. Then you can compare and make a choice from there.

Smart DNS proxy, VPN… *Does not compute*

I get it. Acronyms can be scary. But it will only take a moment to get an idea of what DNS and VPN servers are all about. The Internet Domain Name System is a massive system. Almost all Internet applications use it.

Mostly, its job is to make a name for a number. To translate an IP address into a website address. So instead of computer code, we get nice neat www.(enter the address here). This is putting it very simply, of course.

Overplay Smart DNS for StreamingSmart DNS servers, like the Overplay DNS, are able to make use of this. When content is blocked based on your geolocation, this software will change the DNS settings on your device (or router). Which, in a way, changes your geolocation.

VPNs take it a step further. These actually have your device working through another IP address. So that you really are (for server purposes) in another location.

Smart DNS Pros:

• Faster than VPNs, generally
• And Cheaper

VPN Pros:

• Changes IP address, and therefore
• Makes your online activity anonymous

Overplay Smart DNS

This product can be setup on almost any iOS, gaming console, SmartTV or computer. The overplay download is overplay cannelsquick and straightforward, too.


Plans begin from $4.95/month, which is very reasonable for the market. Some other DNS servers will be offered cheaper, but hook you into longer-term commitments and less reliable service. Use your overplay login, and if you have access to an overplay promo code you can enter it for discounted prices, also.

Ease of Use

From setup to finish, I found the product very simple to use. Some content can be difficult to access on other servers. Watching HBO online, for instance, was simple with the Overplay SmartDNS service.


My only warning would be that if you use a Linux system, you may need to jump through a few more hoops. Then again, Linux users are generally okay with that.

unlocator for the uk

So, if you are wanting to watch Hulu in UK, catch up on a series or just watch a movie online, consider Overplay smart DNS. You will be able to access content from around the world, from the comfort of your home setup.