How to Fake GPS Pokemon Go [Pokemon Go Hack]

Pokemon Go was a smash hit, and with any game, some players had an advantage, and other players struggled to find a good supply of Pokemon to catch.

Rural areas especially found it hard work to find Pokemon. The game running on Android and iOS mobiles quickly had a number of Pokemon Go spoofing apps and Pokemon Go spoofer in the app store and the Google Play Store.

Pokemon Go spoofing hacks were quickly spotted by game developers Niantic and stopped.

It didn’t take long for more Pokemon Go cheats that were spoofing Pokemon Go on Android, iOS, and again allowing players to hunt down Easter eggs. They could find it possible to use spoofing and a joystick to make things even more accessible.

You can learn how to use the Pokemon Go GPS hack and cheat apps to get in the game in our guide. The only thing you have to add is a premium VPN to make it all work. (Find the Best VPN Services UK)

Pokemon Go GPS hack and cheat apps

Can You Still Spoof in Pokemon Go 2021?

It is still possible to carry out Pokemon Go Spoofing, although, alongside other cheating apps, you need to install a separate GPS spoofing app as well.

You may only find such a feature on Android devices, although you can find some VPN’s offer a dedicated GPS spoofing feature to trick Pokémon GO to think you’re somewhere you aren’t.

Doing this gives you access to more Pokémon, Pokéstops, and gyms around the world if you desire.

Should you live in a rural area or perhaps wish to add variety, you may find you are very tempted when you see what other Pokemon gamers can access. You can see what it is beneficial to carry out GPS spoofing in your games to give you an equal advantage in Pokémon GO, or at least, you ideas how to make use of it.

Is There Anyway to Cheat in Pokemon Go?

It’s possible to cheat in Pokémon Go, although you can get banned if the company finds you doing so. The game’s developer, Niantic, has been taking serious steps in cracking down on anyone using any Pokemon Go hack.

The first cheat that comes to any Pokémon Go player’s mind is that of spoofing. Faking location in the game can deliver a serious advantage, particularly if you reside in a region where not many Pokemon hunt.

When you can falsify your GPS position, it means you can use a joystick to move around the map quickly. This enables faster Pokémon Go catching, hatching eggs, and battling it out in gyms without leaving your chair at home.

Is There Any Way to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving?

While it is a Pokemon Go hack that enables you to stay at home and still hunt Pokemon, Niantic doesn’t want people taking unsafe measures to catch Pokémon while people are on lockdown or not able to travel around as they would usually. Pokémon Go came with an update in 2020.

  • A one-time purchase of 30 Incense for 1 PokéCoin. You find incense lasts for one hour
  • 1/2 hatch distance if you place eggs in incubators in this time period
  • PokéStops drop Gifts more often
  • Pokémon habitats are set to increase, and you should see more Pokémon appearing free in the wild
  • Niantic announced another couple of changes to Battle League gameplay
  • They were removing the walking and PokéCoin requirements for the GO Battle League.”
  • In the Trainer Battles, you could have with friends; they were lowering the Friendship level requirement. Good Friends or Great Friends could take part.

Each change makes playing Pokémon Go from home more accessible. It may appear as if they have made games like Pokemon Go to be getting easier, yet it helps players stuck at home.

GPS JoyStick in Pokemon Go

How Do You Get a JoyStick in Pokemon Go?

  1. Download & install the latest version of the “GPS JoyStick” from the Google Play Store.
  2. If you’ve used a GPS Spoofing app, you’ll be already familiar with the following steps. If new to this, then head to your device Settings – Developers Options. If it is unlocked already, skip to Skip to step 4 if it’s already unlocked.
  3. If you’ve never unblocked it and can’t see Developers Options in the settings, you’ll have to unlock it. Head to your Device Information section in settings. Tap on Build Number multiple times. Once you have tapped around 6-7 times, you’ll see a message saying it’s unlocked.
  4. Scroll down the Developers Options and search for ‘Select mock location app.’ Select ‘GPS JoyStick.’ If you can’t select the app for the mock location, your device is incompatible, and the Android Pokémon Go joystick won’t work.
  5. Start the GPS of your device, then open the GPS JoyStick app. You will see three options to select your location.
  6. Use the ‘Get Current Location’ option. If you use a faraway location rather than your actual location, the company may ban you if you don’t take care.

After setting your desired location, tap the ‘Start’ button. You are now faced with an ad, yet if you want to skip ads, you need to purchase a premium version of the app.

Now, you will see a joystick hovering on top of your device screen. Open Pokemon Go and enjoy the game as you play using the Pokemon Go joystick for Android.

Joystick Features:

Movement: Struggle to catch Pokemon because of joystick location? You can change your position, tap and move the joystick to where you want.

Custom Routes: The app can make routes to meet your wishes. Open the map and place a new location marker. Your character will be possessed and follow your route without you doing anything. Avoid catching the Pokemon while you use this feature. More details are down below.

Teleport: Enter the Latitude & Longitude of any desired location.

Walking Style: The app enables you to pick three different walking speeds. Use the first 2 options and refrain from running. (Learn How to Watch Hulu from UK)

Faking Your Location on Pokemon Go?

To change your location, you need to use one of the reliable Pokemon Go hack options.

It is here you need your premium VPN. You also need your GPS spoofing app and the mock locations masking module. Once you use these together, you can change location Pokemon Go and hunt as many Pokemon as you desire.

The Pokemon Go hack will differ from other apps as a VPN offers the chance to bypass restrictions. Pokemon Go began monitoring servers for players with a location, and it doesn’t match the GPS coordinates.

Here are the steps you need to find how to use Pokemon Go’s hacks and spoof location in Pokemon Go.

Change Pokemon Go Region

Here are the steps you need to change Pokemon Go’s region with the Pokemon Go location spoof.

  1. Choose one best premium VPNs and sign-up for the service
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your mobile device. You can get these from your confirmation email or Google Play Store
  3. After VPN installation, navigate to the Google Play Store and download ‘Fake GPS Location’ app
  4. Navigate to the device settings on your Android phone
  5. Inside the settings, tap on ‘About Phone’
  6. When inside, tap ‘Build Number’ seven times and enable developer mode
  7. Navigate back to settings and head to ‘Developer Options’
  8. Click on ‘Mock Locations App’ or ‘Allow Mock Locations’
  9. Next, install ‘Mock Mock Locations.’ This stops apps like Pokemon GO, understanding you have the mock locations enabled.
  10. Download Mock Mock Locations (GPS spoofing app) from here:
  11. Enable ‘Mock Mock Locations’
  12. Start the VPN client on your phone. Change your VPN server to a location you want to go hunting with your Pokemon Go app
  13. Make sure you are running your GPS spoofing app and chosen a location there. Make sure it’s the same, so your IP address matches the GPS signal.
  14. Once these are both running and with the same locations, you will have started a successful Pokemon Go hack using the GPS spoof and are ready to search for your favorite Pokemon.

The key to all this is to provide the app with the anonymity you get with a VPN. It can hide you from view and never let anyone see what you are doing. Not even your ISP can track you or log your data or information from online activities.

They will help keep you playing with full privacy on your mobile devices. Besides this, you will find available apps for many more devices. (Learn how to Watch CBS All Access UK)

So, if you want a break from mobile hunting, you can go online from a desktop and stream from overseas, and all the while retaining online privacy, and no one can check what sites you have used or movies you have watched.

All this comes from the best Pokémon Go hack people like to use to even the playing field in Pokémon Go.

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