Pure VPN Review

This PureVPN review looks at one of the longest standing and largest VPN providers around. In their time they have increased over 750 servers which are placed in 140 countries.

Although this is a hefty number for the PureVPN servers list, it still falls short when you compare the numbers of PureVPN vs. NordVPN.

This Hong Kong based company also hosts their own network which should mean your information is more secure than other VPN’s.

Is this the case, or do they fall short on their promises, because they do indeed promise a lot?

Pure VPN

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PureVPN Features and Benefits

All users want to watch geo-locked content and make the occasional music download, and that is one of the major deal breakers for any VPN.

Is PureVPN good in these areas? If we take Netflix first, the result isn’t that good. During testing, it wasn’t possible to watch American Netflix even if they promote the fact you can watch anything from anywhere.

PureVPN Kodi works pretty well, but even with a no log policy (apart from extensive connection logs), it was found they handed over customer data to the US authorities.

PureVPN for torrenting is also another area where they don’t just fall behind, they deny access to any torrenting on most of their servers. Where other providers re-route to a torrent-friendly location, this needs to be selected manually with PureVPN.

Ozone is the PureVPN firewall which has an antivirus feature built in. While it doesn’t scan files for malware, it does prevent any malware from connecting to the internet.

Gravity can be seen as an extension to this firewall and comes with an ad-blocker and safe search feature. It should be noted these didn’t work all the time.

The killswitch is firewall-based and should be the better form of switch. Is PureVPN safe using this method? In theory, it should be.

In testing, connection to the internet wasn’t cut and the system IP address could be seen. This means it’s not as effective as they portray and also the kill switch is more likely not 100% firewall based due to the PureVPN DNS leak.

Pure VPN benefits

Browser add-ons are also available which can help spoof your location while using the browser, but these like others don’t offer system-wide protection.

Device compatibility is one area which is well catered for and covers most operating systems for desktops and mobiles. PureVPN can also be set-up to run on routers, smart TV’s and streaming devices like Amazon Fire. Hence the reason Kodi works.

A virtual router feature has also been introduced which allows you to turn your computer into a router. You can then connect a further 10 devices.

Lastly, PureVPN offers split tunneling where you can decide which applications connect through the VPN while the remaining connect via the regular route of your ISP.

With any VPN provider of this size, you would want strong encryption. PureVPN doesn’t fail and sticks to the most conventional protocols a lot of the competition use.

This doesn’t mean they are copying, it’s a fact the protocols are robust and secure. These include OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP and they also include the less desirable and less secure PPTP

PureVPN Pricing

When signing up for a PureVPN license, there are many payment options available including a variety of cryptocurrencies for the privacy-conscious individuals.

The problem with using an anonymous payment method is, it will be none-refundable should you wish a refund.

Pure VPN features

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PureVPN trial is something you won’t be able to find. The company does though offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

This might appear okay to get a feel for the service but once you have made your PureVPN download limitations are set that you won’t be aware of unless you read the small print.

If you exceed 100 sessions or you consume more than 3 GB of bandwidth, your money-back-guarantee will become void.

  • 1 month $10.95
  • 1 year $4.15 billed as $49.98 every 12 months
  • 2 years $2.49 billed as $59.76 every 2 years

With the 2-year option, you get a free secure torrent add-on and a free enterprise-grade security add-on.

This might appear a worthy addition, but many of the features and extras PureVPN provide don’t correctly work all of the time.

As an addition, on the PureVPN website, you can see there are some sales tactics which are less than truthful.

They used to show the number of sales figures, although this was randomly generated inside the code of the website. This has now been amended, and they no longer show these sales figures.


  • Very cheap cost for an extended tie-in
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works on a wide range of devices
  • Virtual router feature
  • Killswitch
  • Nat Firewall (add-on and added cost)
  • Connect 5 devices
  • Advanced port forwarding
  • Dedicated IP (optional plus extra cost)


  • Slow speeds
  • Logging policy Questionable
  • DNS leaks found
  • Poor customer support
  • Content filtering doesn’t work as well as advertised
  • IPv6 leak protection toggle button is hidden from view in windows and not present on Mac OS


You do get quite a bit for your money when you sign up for the cheaper extended periods. But with the company’s Pure VPN securityassistance to the FBI, the slow speeds we found when performing a PureVPN speed test.

The DNS leaks and many of the features not working as they should, it shows no matter what the price of the service, you might not be getting the protection which is advertised.

You might also find you are getting features which are leaving your connection vulnerable without you knowing.

All these things when combined are unacceptable, and with poor customer support, it can leave users with a service which just isn’t doing as it should.

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A UK VPN user shouldn’t be faced with all these quibbles and failures. Taking all these on board it appears the company isn’t improving as much as it should and it is hard to place it anywhere on the list of recommended VPN providers for anyone in the United Kingdom.