How to Watch Supernatural Online in the UK

Supernatural, the fantasy horror series from America is back with its 13th season. The show goes on with the story of Winchester brothers hunting down the evil. Demons, monsters or ghosts, whatever you call it, they are everywhere.

And this series is about some fantastic fictional stories of these supernatural beings across America.

Watch Supernatural Online in the UK

How to Watch All Episodes of Supernatural

Alright, here it is the Guvnor’s Quick Tips;

  1. Install ExpressVPN – ultra-fast VPN and very reliable
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Then go to The CW Network and watch the latest episodes of Supernatural

How’s that aye!

Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles) lost their mother because of a mysterious supernatural force, 26 years ago.

Their father then raised them as soldiers, taught them about the paranormal evil powers and how to kill them. And they are, thus, fighting battles with the supernatural threats in every dark corner of America.

So, read on further to know where to watch Supernatural and enjoy the thrills and terrors of the journey.

Watch Supernatural Online

The answer to “Where can I watch Supernatural?” is right here. Oh no, no, you can’t watch Supernatural here, but we are answering. You should ping CWTV to watch TV series online; Supernatural is right there. CWTV or The CW is an American television network and has exclusive rights to broadcast Supernatural stream online and of course, on their channel.

The online streaming starts as soon as the episodes air on the channel. It is available with the CW app too.

Apart from Supernatural, CW also boasts of other popular ones like The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and The Originals. You get to watch all this on-demand and for free. The stream is available on most of the devices including PC, android and iOS devices.

Watch Supernatural with NetflixSupernatural with Netflix

Another (and the best) way to watch Supernatural is through US Netflix. With Netflix, you can stream all the episodes of the season once it’s available. While the wait is worth it, you can utilize this waiting time catching up with the older seasons.

The streaming service has all the episodes in its database. Yes, you read it right. You can watch all the episodes of the 12 seasons at your comfort whenever you like.

Watch Supernatural in UK

Well, as for the fans here in the UK, they can always opt for Channel 4’s free streaming service. If not, you can sign up for the best VPN for American Netflix.
Of course, you can access Netflix without a VPN but not the contents exclusive to the US. Those are geo-restricted to the viewers in the US.

To get those exclusive contents, you have to connect to a VPN server in the US. Once you are connected, the server encrypts your network and hides the IP address of your device.

It provides the device with an IP address of the US to trick Netflix and unlock the forbidden world. We recommend ExpressVPN. (Learn how to get US Netflix in the UK here)

It provides the speed you need for streaming purposes and has one of the most robust encryption systems. With the service provided by ExpressVPN, Netflix viewing is as easy as 1-2-3.

Connect to a US server – Open Netflix – Search for Supernatural. Oh, wait! There is one more step, PLAY. Connecting to a VPN also has an added advantage of privacy. As the connection is encrypted, ISPs won’t be able to peek at your activities.

You can, thus, also bypass any blocks imposed by your Internet Service Provider.

With a VPN running, you can also unblock the live streaming of CWTV in the UK, which otherwise gives the error “Content not available at this location.”

Use Kodi

Then there also is the Kodi software and its add-ons.

Kodi is an open-source media player, by the XBMC Foundation. You can play the local media files or live stream contents from various streaming services with proper Kodi addons available.

Kodi for Supernatural

unblock supernatural

And you can watch all Supernatural episodes also, among other TV series. Elysium, Covenant and Bob Unleashed are some of the addons which can help you do so.

Addons are pieces of code used to enhance the features of Kodi. With an appropriate add-on, you can also access Netflix and many other streaming services. To install an addon, you have first to install the Kodi repo where the addon is available.

Repo (short for the repository) is the storage space where the developers upload their addon. The detailed addon installation guide is available in an earlier post.

You should always use a VPN while streaming from Kodi to hide your activity as the streaming may come from illegal sources sometimes.

So, you have got many options. Choose the one that suits you and start streaming.

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