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The Top 3 VPN services for the UK

VPN-servicesVPN is short for Virtual Private Network that allows users to create a private network across a public network and enables users to share data across shared and public networks like they are directly connected to a private network. This then is beneficial to all applications running across the VPN in terms of functionality, and security.

VPN allows access to corporate intranet among employees even if they are outside the office and are used to connect geographically separated offices of the organization.

Another use of VPN for individual users is the ability to secure wireless transactions and using proxy servers to protect identity and location.

With these benefits, VPN services are commonly used in the United Kingdom.

Since VPN services are now in demand, we have gathered a list of the Top 3 VPN services for the United Kingdom:

  1. Express VPNexpressvpn

With over 4,000 users choose Express VPN, we consider this the best UK VPN. Compatible with all devices and easy to set up, Express VPN reviews commends as the fastest and most reliable VPN service that is perfect for streaming and provides excellent privacy.

ExpressVPN number one for UK

The Express VPN also assures access to all websites and applications on any country without censorship.

Connect anywhere around the world with its server locations in 87 countries and 167 cities which you can switch unlimitedly.

With its 30-day money back guarantee, any new user won’t hesitate to give it a try.


  1. Nord VPN NordVPN

Boasting a double data encryption that maximizes security offered by no other VPN services but Nord VPN. Its lightning speed and worldwide server locations make streaming more enjoyable. Covering 57countries with 786 servers, you can be anywhere around the world.

nordvpn is the most secure vpn

The remarkable Nord VPN reviews are mainly because of its ease of use. In just one click, everything is good to go. All the hard and complicated works are done by Nord VPN. On top of that, Nord VPN also does not keep a log whenever you go to the internet, adding security and privacy that is essential to most users.

Should your VPN service drop out, Nord VPN’s killer switch technology closes any site you set up in advance to lessen risks of exposing sensitive information? The DNS leak resolver, along with other extra security features covers all possible DNS encryption leaks providing additional security and protection that any user could worry about.

  1. IP Vanish IpVanish-vpn

IP Vanish keeps up to its word of a traceless, secure and online censorship. Be free from any regional restrictions and browse unlimitedly any website from around the world with amazing speed

best value vpn is IPvanish

IP Vanish review proves that they are one of the top UK VPN services available and is proud of their top speed and reliability that any Netflix avid user would surely love.

Advantages of using a VPN service?

It is not unknown for crimes to happen on the internet which is not limited to identity theft, hacking important information which may cost millions of losses to major companies among others. Nothing is more essential nowadays than keeping your information and identity secure, more private and traceless.

There are websites and applications that cannot be accessed with regional restrictions which can be a total bummer for any user.

While it isn’t practical to travel across countries just to be able to access these sites, using a VPN service is a good solution to fix that. You can remotely access sites and make it appear like you are actually in that same region.

Using a remote VPN server, it effectively covers the IP address with one matching the location of the remote server. With a dedicated IP server as an additional service, you can be sure that only you can use the assigned IP address.


With almost everything all packed into one VPN service, having a superb 24/7 customer service makes the experience even better. Plus, they are also offering a special 2-year plan at a very affordable price, anyone would be tempted to subscribe right away.

Get the best value of the services you need through VPN comparison.

Cons of VPN services

While it is true that most VPN services in the UK have remote servers around the globe, there are still several countries that are not covered. Since most UK VPN services are traceless,

Why subscribe to a VPN service?

With the high risk of identity theft, it is better to be safe than sorry even if it does cost and what is more a paid service is much better than the average free VPN offering. Exercising precaution is never too much when you have your life, your work or your business is at stake but if must try a free VPN then Cyberghost is best. And most importantly, being able to enjoy all other benefits as well while minus the worries and restrictions.