4 Best TV Addons for Kodi

You might have heard people talking about Kodi and all of its great add-ons. Then, you might have searched Kodi and thought, ‘Where are all these great add-ons?’ You wouldn’t be the first.

Kodi is not like other services which advertise the best parts at shouting volume. And, perhaps, with good reason.

Kodi has taken somewhat of a beating from the media platform industry. Mostly with complaints about the company allowing the use of third-party sources.

Best TV Addons for KodiNow, if you don’t know much about third-party sources, don’t worry too much. If you’re anything like me, though, you would probably be thinking something along the lines of this:

‘Other companies in the industry are complaining about Kodi. They must be onto something good’. And maybe that isn’t the most logical way of thinking, but that’s what intuition is for.

In this case, you would be right. Kodi does have something to offer. Something which other services cannot provide. You just need to do a bit of digging to find the best tv add-ons Kodi.

Kodi TV addonsOkay, so maybe digging isn’t the right term. More like following due process. And there are hundreds of how-to articles online outlining each step toward getting these things to work, so I won’t do the same.

Articles like how to use xmbc or live tv repository xmbc. And while these are useful, I’ll only point you straight to the good stuff (the best stuff) once you’re up and running.

SALTS, Metalliq, BOB Unleashes and Quantum (formerly known as Sanctuary) are about as far as you’ll ever need to search. These add-ons will give you a database of content so extensive you may never go outside again.

How to Access Kodi through a VPN Service

So, remember that part about other services is not liking Kodi? Well, they might have some reason for it. Or, at least, they can claim a reason for their jealousy in some parts of the law.

Access Kodi through a VPNThird-party sources are not held accountable to the same level of scrutiny as large companies. And Kodi lends itself to third-party sources quite readily. Also, by using such a source, you may be putting yourself at a slight risk of exposure.

Hence, the virtual private network. VPNs having been successfully protecting people’s online identity for years now. And the best VPN services, UK and elsewhere, are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. (Read our ultimate VPN guide here)

Then again, if you are about to enjoy thousands of movies online, for free, maybe you can spend a few bucks on the process. ExpressVPN is the fastest and not free. But it will give you an easier setup, and it cannot be beaten for reliability.

The world of Kodi and third-party sources are not strictly kosher in many circles. This is why it isn’t a bad idea to protect yourself online.

Protect your identity with a VPN, then add your top Kodi tv add-ons and be on your way. TV has never been more extensive.

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