How to Unblock Afdah and Watch in the UK

There has been a lot of rumors going on about Afdah but not many people even know the site does so let’s clear a few things up first.

What is

Afdah is a site that indexes different shows and movies. It does not host any of the content itself, so is not liable for any content that might be hosted illegally, which sometimes it is. But the end-user is usually not affected by this. And everything is absolutely free of cost.


unblock afdah

Is Afdah safe?

It’s more or less safe. As long as you have some common sense about the internet etiquette and don’t go clicking on every advertisement and sending your financial information to random websites, you will be fine. To research this point I watched two entire movies on the site and didn’t face any problems. Anything for our dear readers.

What type of content is available on Afdah?

All new, old, popular or unpopular afdah tv shows and afdah movies can be found on the site. You will have to look around to find what you’re looking for but that’s just a simple search away.

How can I unblock Afdah?

There are two ways to access locked content, first is through the use of a VPN provider and secondly is via a SmartDNS proxy.


Websites can see your IP address which is unique to every device and cannot be changed by usual means, and use it to identify you and your location. This is also how ISP’s in the UK have blocked Afdah for us. To counteract this, all we need to do is change the computers IP to another device, one which is located in a place where Afdah is not blocked.

VPNs do this by rerouting your data through a server located inside the region not blocking Afdah, so you can view the blocked content via that server.

Not only that but the best VPN service providers also protect your data by means of encryptions and other ways, and protect your identity so not just about anyone with some skills can find out most of the things about you.

VPN services are used by business and governments alike because of this reason, and recently they have become a lot more popular because several different secret agencies repeated offenses.

Since you will be streaming movies and shows from the site, fast speeds are a must. Keeping that in mind, a couple of VPN providers are best suited for it.

Best VPN provider:ExpressVPN-unblock-Afdah

ExpressVPN, this is a very well rounded network that is not only fast but provides a good combination of protection, quality, and good price.

  • Huge network in 87 countries with 136+ different locations.
  • Support for all major platforms
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • 256-bit Data encryption
  • Fast download speeds

IPVanish is a good choice as well, is fast, provides usual standard encryption and a few other features.


Where VPN services protect your data and identity, a Smart DNS service provider will only give your computer a new IP address allowing you access restricted content without any extra features.

Unlocator is the best DNS provider in the business:

  • Available in almost half the price as VPN’s
  • No software installation required, only device configuration on the user end
  • Speed is unhindered
  • Support for almost all possible platforms/devices.

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