Unlocator Review

Established in 2013, Unlocator is a Danish company, which is essentially a smart DNS provider that includes unlocator vpn or smart VPN as they would like to call it, in its service as well. This means that absolutely no installation of any kind of software is required.

The process includes two very simple steps, where you basically make an account and configure your device. That’s it. After that you are ready for streaming your favorite channels without any region restrictions.



  • How Unlocator works is that it simply hides your IP address, which is used to detect your location, and gives out another one instead via unlocator dns, that is not effected by any restrictions, allowing you to stream whatever you want. Meaning, speed, good! Since your data is not being bypassed through any third-party software, your connection speed is unaffected.
  • Since there is no software, an unlimited number of devices can be used with your account, all you need is your unlocator login and on you go!
  • You can manually select whichever region you prefer for any of the supported services.
  • No data is logged either.
  • A comprehensive knowledgebase is provided on their website, including step-by-step guides on how to configure any device so that it can use the services as well.
  • 7-day free trial, which requires no credit card info, just make an account and start using their full services.
  • Also, offers up-to 16% discount on some of the packages, which are already quite cheap.
  • Currently supports about 219 different channels worldwide, and new ones are added every so often, expanding its already quite vast library.
  • It’s fully compatible with all operating systems and devices, and I do mean all, even including your gaming consoles such the PS4.
  • Quite versatile with multiple payment options including paypal, and its 14-day no question asked full money back guarantee.


  • No privacy protection. This should be understood before buying, the service provided is not the same as a VPN. It will not protect your data or encrypt it in anyway. It simply gives your computer a new ip number so your location cannot be detected.
  • Unfortunately, unlocator Netflix is not supported.
  • Does not have any kind of live chat support, but instead uses a primitive ticket-based online support form, which is quite outdated with today’s standards.
  • The process of setting up the smart vpn is quite complicated, although they do provide a thorough guide on their website, but can still prove be a headache if you’re not somewhat tech-savvy.



Unlocator is a like a good VPN, that is if you are not very security conscious and simply want to stream movies and videos without any limitations. It provides a comparatively simple way to watch all your favorite channels, no matter where you are physically located. Already including over 200 channels and a continuously expanding library, it’s well worth the money.

But if you are looking for something that’s a bit more versatile in regards to providing a secure connection and anonymity, you’d better look elsewhere.