How to Watch Fear the Walking Dead in the UK

If you loved the blockbuster AMC show – The Walking Dead, you must be loving its spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead is an American horror drama series which first aired in 2015. Set in Los Angeles, the story consists of two families who survived the world of the undead, the zombies. And saving other survivors during their journey.

And with the introduction of Leannie James (Morgan Jones in The Walking Dead), Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 is sure to take new turns. You can watch Walking Dead as well as Fear the Walking Dead streaming online with AMC.

Watch Fear the Walking Dead in the UK

Watch Fear the Walking Dead online

The cable channel AMC broadcasts Fear TWD, and you can watch it online with its streaming service. Other than the live episodes, you can watch the previous episodes on-demand, all of them.

AMC also has the episodes of old shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Other AMC hits available are Better Call Saul, Humans, Preacher and many others.

And you, of course, can stream The Walking Dead episodes alongside the Fear the Walking Dead. But there are two limitations if you try to watch AMC online.

AMC online streaming is restricted to the US, and although free, you need your cable provider credentials to log into the service.

You can bypass the geo-restriction easily (telling about it in a while), but you can’t log into the website without a US cable provider’s service. So, talking about the alternative ways to watch AMC.

Watch AMC without cable

There are TV streaming services like SlingTV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue which offers many live TV channels including AMC.

You can download the app, subscribe to a package and watch the channels. You don’t need any TV contract, and you can watch AMC on Android, iOS and other devices depending on the service you choose.

watch AMC on Android, iOS and other devicesPlayStation Vue has the basic package available at $39.99 a month. And at that price, you get AMC, ESPN, CNBC, TLC, TNT and also Disney among others.

It offers a 5-day free trial for the new users and is available on PlayStation, Fire TV, and other popular devices.

Another option to watch AMC as mentioned above is the DirecTV Now. It offers a lot of channels spread across packages, and you can get AMC at $35 per month, the lowest priced plan.

With that package, you get AMC, CNN, CNBC, Fox, HGTV, MTV and about 60 other channels. With DirecTV, you will get AMC on iOS, Android, Fire TV and Roku and you can try it free for a week.

The cheapest option though is Sling TV. Sling TV packages start at $20 a month, and it includes about 30 live TV channels including AMC. Other popular ones are ESPN, History, Disney, and CNN among others. And it even offers a 7-day free trial.

Sling TV is available on all the Android and iOS devices and a range of streaming devices including Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku. Apart from the live TV, it also allows you to watch AMC on demand. Thus, you can catch previous episodes of Fear TWD with Sling TV.

The episodes though are available only for three days. But you can catch up some episodes in that period if not the whole season.

Unlock AMC in the UK

Although neither of the Sling TV, DirecTV or PlayStation Vue require you to have a US TV contract, there is one limitation.

Unlock AMC with VPNLike the AMC online streaming service, even these are blocked outside the US region. But it doesn’t mean you can’t watch Fear the Walking Dead in the UK. There is an easy way to bypass the geo-restriction.

With a UK VPN, you can not only watch AMC in the UK but also other American TV streaming services like HBO. And with a single process, you unblock Sling TV, DirecTV and Playstation Vue, whatever you chose to watch AMC.

ExpressVPN UK is well known for its reliability and speed, even though the data comes from a considerable distance.
When you connect to a US ExpressVPN server, your British IP address is masked with a US address. You are now virtually in the US, and you can then watch all those services not available to you earlier.

You can check the ExpressVPN reviews to know why I am recommending it. Apart from unlocking AMC in the UK, ExpressVPN also encrypts your data. Thus, with the encryption, your ISP won’t know what you are streaming.

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