How to Watch Australian TV Live Online from Abroad

Ever felt that other countries have better channels? That you’re tired of surfing the same content, hearing the same broadcasters/news reporters, you’ve listened to for years? Or, maybe, you’re abroad and want access to your favourite channels from back home.

Whatever the case, it isn’t always easy. Access to Australian broadcasts, particularly, can be incredibly restricted. Geo-location blocks.

Copyright of content. Ownerships of rights to a sporting event. All of these things come into play, and each could be the reason that you are blocked out from viewing. So what if you still want to watch Australian tv online? The following will tell you how. With the help of a reliable VPN.

Watch Australian TV Live Online from Abroad

What is Geo-location and Geoblocking?

This is the cool tech-sounding word for where you are in the world. You might have guessed. Geo-location is used on iOS phones, routers, laptops and other smart devices. It’s what tells a provider where your online address is located.

bypass region blocked streaming contentThat’s the great thing about geo-location. It doesn’t really know where you are. It just makes the (frequently) safe assumption that where you appear to be and where you are will line up. So, if your laptop’s geo-location says you’re in London, this is good enough to say that you are also in London. So, is that necessarily true?


Not always. With the assistance of geo-location tools, it doesn’t have to be. Smart DNS services and Virtual Private Networks can change your geo-location, while you stay in the same place. VPNs are especially useful.

They allow you to work through another IP address. And reliable VPNs have some addresses throughout the world. So, if it so happens that you need to look like you’re viewing from Australia, with the right VPN you can.

You’re abroad in the UK, but still, want to watch Freeview online? A UK local, but want access to Australian services like SBS on demand, ten play, and ABC iView? You’ll need a VPN, and a trusted one at that.


There are many VPN servers out there to choose from. Ranging from the very reliable to the very suspicious. You can always do more research on this (to you heart’s content), but I will offer a couple of recommendations.

ExpressVPN bypass geoblockingMy first choice is ExpressVPN, as it is the best VPN UK. This product is easy to setup, and it takes very little computer-knowledge to get it working. It’s the best service for the average bloke just looking to watch some online content.

Another product I have heard good things about is IPVanish. I have never used it personally, but you can find many testimonies and IPVanish reviews which suggest the product’s quality. Usually, it doesn’t take long for the VPN community to get onto a poor server. So take it as a good sign.

Whatever the case, don’t feel that you are missing out on content. Discover the right VPN for you and your needs, then get online and start watching. Wherever you are.

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