How to Watch Blindspot Season 4 Online

It all began with the FBI finding Jane Doe in Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos. Events soon exploded into an international plot, and the girl with amnesia had no recollection of who she was; or how she ended up in such a position.

Blindspot season 4 release date was back in October 2018, and with the Blindspot episodes ending in May 2019, there has been plenty of action.

Season 5 is close to airing, so fans are eager to catch up with the exploits of Jane Doe and FBI agent Kurt Weller.

Watch Blindspot Season 4 Online

After a quick look at the episodes and cast from the latest season, you can learn how easy it is to go back and catch full episodes of the hit show.

You will need a premium VPN for Blindspot streaming, but signing up for this is straightforward, and offers many more benefits besides being able to watch Blindspot online.

What Happened in Blindspot Season 4?

It seems like forever since Jane Does was discovered naked in Times Square. The show has progressed through many trials trying to outwit the many criminal organizations, along with the frequently recurring struggle of trying to find out the real identity of Jane Doe.

Season 4 began with Jane being a victim of poisoning and facing some hallucinations.

It was season four, episode 6, where things took a swing upward in action. Ca-ca-candidate for Cri-cri-crime, saw the murder of a congressman trigger the tattoo database to reveal a political conspiracy and concerns over FBI director Weitz.

Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth episode 7 saw Remi and Weller in danger from her schemes. Moon and the Truth equaled the previous installment in ratings, and Rich and Patterson were busy trying to solve a mysterious puzzle, which saw a thrilling climax in Sun, Moon.

Screech, Thwack, Pow season 4, episode 8

Episode 10: The Big Reveal where Reade confronts Zapata

Chapter 11: Careless Whisper saw a famous novelist murdered, and the team rushes to find a serial killer mentioned in the last manuscript.

The Tale of the Book of Secrets: A billionaire hypochondriac may have stem cells, which can cure Jane.

Using the book of secrets as a trade, Patterson, and Rich need to grab the book to help get Jane off her deathbed. Jane and Weller, the FBI agent, cut short their romantic getaway as the team attempt to stop Madeline Burke.

In the following episode, The Big Blast from the Past sees an active bomber make the team take on an old case. Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence sees the team hunt for a weapon that can make the worst of stolen plutonium.

After this, Jane visits and old friend, although this could be a familiar enemy. Everybody Hates Kathy sees the team discover another international conspiracy when there is a stolen deadly weapon.

The latter three episodes of season 4, Coder to Killer, Masters of War, and The Gang Gets Gone saw the team’s internal relationships put to the test.

Once you get to the final episode, you find yourself like all the other fans; the show leaves you hanging with a major cliffhanger. So, it makes sense to go back and watch Blindspot season 4 before the final season arrives.

Now, you can learn how to watch Blindspot online.

Best VPN to watch Blindspot online

What Channel is Blindspot On?

Blindspot is an NBC exclusive; however, you won’t find a full season of episodes from season 4 Blindspot. You can only access the final five episodes at present.

To watch the full season, you will need to use a premium VPN and to sign up for Hulu.

Together, these deliver a great viewing experience where you can watch all season four episodes before you decide to carry on with a paid subscription.

Here are the directions on how to watch Blindspot on Hulu and sign up for your premium streaming VPN at the same time.

  1. Select the number one VPN (ExpressVPN the best recommendation)
  2. Add your email address
  3. Select your payment option
  4. Check your confirmation email. Download links and serial number will be included
  5. Download and install the client on your device – paste the serial code on the first start of the app to login

To be up and running with your VPN, these steps are all it takes and in less than 30 minutes. The chosen VPN offers a no-fuss 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test all the features and performance.

To sign up and watch episodes online using Hulu, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the drop-down list in the VPN client and select a United States server
2. Navigate to the Hulu website – Hulu will check if you are inside the USA. Your IP address will look like you are in America.
3. Select your plan. The most affordable is ad-supported at $5.99 per month with the first month free.
4. Add your details to create your account and then head to the payment page. Use iTunes or Hulu gift cards for payment.
5. Download the app for your device or watch online episodes through your computer.

The great thing with Hulu is that there is a wealth of other content. There are many Original series along with shows and movies from the largest US TV networks.

Add to this; they have every episode of Blindspot available for fans to watch.

However, if you just want to watch season four, you can make full use of the money-back period with the chosen VPN, the month free with Hulu, and you then have 30-days to watch Blindspot online free.

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