How to Watch Champions League Online Free

Football and UK share a rich history – even before the lands were solidified into a single country – as far back as medieval times, where it was derived from games played in Normandy and Brittany.

The FA Cup – which is the oldest competition in the world for this sport – is played in England since 1871. The first ever football league, too, has existed in England.

In many ways, England can be thought of as the home of football, and the source from where it spread across the European continent and then onto rest of the world.


Today, one of the most prestigious sporting events in Europe is the UEFA Champions League, attracting hundreds of millions of television viewers from around the world.

But as times change, and we being to live in an increasingly internet-dependent world, it isn’t always possible or even plausible to have the time to sign up for cable subscriptions – especially if you’re a UK born and bred football fan who has to live outside the country.

So, as in the case of streaming TV shows from around the world, one may wonder – can I watch Champions League online from anywhere in the world, by tuning into regionally close online broadcasters such as TF1 (France), Digisport (Romania), Star Sports (India) and Fox Soccer 2GO (US), in order to enjoy my favorite sport from outside the UK?

The answer is yes – it is indeed possible – if you’re willing to put in a slight extra effort – and I’m not talking about the websites that claim to let you watch live football free champions league online, while in truth they have shaky, low-quality streams and constantly bombard you with ads.

How to watch live champions league stream online?

Note: Streaming Champions League online may require you to sign up and subscribe depending on the region you’re in and service you pick.


In order to watch Champions League football on a live streaming channel reserved for a specific country, there’s a strong chance you’ll have to get past a geo-restriction which ensures that only viewers from the specific region for which the streaming channel has a broadcasting license are able to watch the football livestream.

vpn-for-football-livestreamThis can be done using either a VPN service (check out our complete guide) or a Smart DNS service. A VPN will route all your web traffic through a virtual tunnel connected to an endpoint in a region where the streaming service is unblocked (you’ll have to select this region manually from a list provided by the VPN app).

This will make the streaming service detect your device as being in the green region, so you’ll be able to enjoy watching football on your PC, smartphone or other internet enabled device, live.

A VPN will also encrypt your traffic so no one will be able to tell what you’re doing – because technically – this is a legal gray area since you’re accessing a stream from a region where the streaming service doesn’t have a broadcast license. Decent VPN services with affordable plans, strong download speeds, and detailed support pages include ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

smart-dns-champion-leagueIf you’re certain no one will breach into your network (or maybe, if you’ve been unable to set up a VPN to run on your device), you could go for a Smart DNS proxy.

This will use custom DNS values (that you input into your device’s internet settings) to route your streaming traffic via a server based in the region where the stream is allowed, and thus you’ll be able to watch the Champions league football from wherever you are.

SmartDNS is cheap, because it doesn’t use encryption or have dedicated client software, but it is also less secure than a VPN service – for some devices though e.g. consoles such as Xbox, PS3, and PS4; older Smart TVs; set to boxes; and so on, this can be the only option since a VPN client won’t run on them.

Unlocator is an inexpensive, reliable SmartDNS service you can use for watching live football online.

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