How to Watch NBA in the UK

NBA league has many fans worldwide, and the league is getting famous day by day. With more and more UK players drafting into the NBA, UK viewers are getting excited for watching the matches more than ever. With the latest 2019-2020 just started, here’s your chance to see every game…live!

As the NBA finals are going to take place in June 2020, the excitement of the fans is at an extreme level.

Due to the awkward time difference between US and UK, it is tough for UK viewers to patch up with the timing of NBA league. It is also very difficult for UK viewers to watch the league as it is not available on UK Netflix.

Watch NBA in the UK


The Guvnor’s Quick Tips – How to Stream NBA Live for Cheap as Possible

Alright here it is

  1. Install ExpressVPN – ultra-fast VPN and very reliable
  2. Connect to an Indian server
  3. Then go to NBA League Pass and get NBA access for £10.95 per year

How’s that aye!

How can I stream NBA in the UK?

For UK viewers, it ‘s hard to figure out how to enjoy American Sports like NBA, and Ice Hockey from their house. There are many streaming channels available for NBA league, which will be discussed later in this guide.

The most reliable and safest ways to watch NBA in the UK are: SmartDNS NBA

  • VPN
  • SmartDNS


The American channels which broadcast NBA live are blocked in the region of UK. VPN allows you to unblock those channels by hiding your IP address. VPN assigns you a virtual IP address from a US server, and thus you can easily access these blocked US channels.

To watch NBA online with VPN, you just need to install the VPN app or VPN client software. Make an account on the VPN service and log in to your account. After that launch the VPN app and look for a US server and connect. That’s it; you can now watch NBA live from the UK.

Best VPN for the UK is ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These two VPN services have fast servers in the US, so you will not face any loss of internet speed.


You can also enjoy NBA on Amazon Fire TV, SmartTV, PC, and Apple TV with the help of SmartDNS. To watch NBA from the UK, you need to change your online location. SmartDNS allows you to do so by readdressing a part of your internet connection.

stream NBA in the UK

Watch a replay of NBA games with SmartDNS and unblock US channels like BeIN Sports and Sling TV. Just sign up with SmartDNS and get access to NBA streaming channels.


If you don’t want to use a VPN or SmartDNS, you can watch NBA live from the following streaming channels:

  • MLB.TV
  • Now TV
  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sport


NBA season has reached its climax, and you can’t afford to miss a single moment. VPN and SmartDNS are the two best options for you to watch NBA live from the UK, however, if you don’t want to use both of these methods, the only option for you is a stream online.

It is not recommended though to watch pirated content as it is against the copyright law. I hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to get the answer to the question “where can I watch NBA TV online.”

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