How to Watch Formula 1 Online – Live F1 Stream

The first race of 2018 season is arriving soon. As with the previous races, many of the F1 fans would like to watch Sky Sports online free streaming live to get access to the Australian Grand Prix . It’s going live at 1300 (UK time) on March 23-25. Get yourself prepared.

Watch F1 with Kodi Sky Sports add ons

The Kodi home entertainment software brings all your entertainment needs in one place. And with the host of addons available for Kodi, its functionality is enhanced further. These Kodi plugins can provide access to streaming contents, both the on-demand and live ones.

Watch Formula 1 Online

use a vpn for skysports

Sky Sports will broadcast the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live. So, let’s see some of the best addons to watch Sky Sports on Kodi android, PC and many other devices:

UK Turks Playlist

This Kodi addon doesn’t only has live streaming from Sky Sports but also many other UK and international channels. It, however, brings together live sports streams and TV mainly from the UK and Turkey. They have the channels updated at regular intervals and also make sure links aren’t dead. It is one of the oldest addon still active, and you can use it to watch Sky F1 online. It is available to download on AddonCloud.


The contents of SportsDevil is unmatched when it comes to watching sports. It is one of the best sports addon for Watch F1 with Kodi Sky SportsKodi, and they keep their collection updated. With SportsDevil, you can catch F1 live stream on Sky Sports easily and also many other on-demand contents.

There are links to sports leagues all around the world, and you can download this addon from the Colossus repository.

Elektra Vault

Elektra Vault is still a newborn but has quite a large range of sports championships to stream. It has streams for Sky Sports among others, and you can catch Sky f1 live stream with it. There also is beIN Sports, another popular sports channel and has Sky Sports News too.

Download it from Supremacy repository. It has numerous live sports events going on for you to watch.

NBC Sports Live Extra

You don’t want to use Sky Sports? Well, this NBC Sports Kodi Add-on has got you covered. The addon gets its feed from the streaming of America’s NBCSN and covers a wide range of sports events. You do need a subscription, though, to watch live contents but highlights are free.

NBC Sports Live ExtraThen, you also need a VPN as the content is locked to the US. With a VPN, you can watch the Grand Prix coverage easily from the UK. Read further to know how to do that.

This addon is available from the official Kodi repository.

Rising Tides

This relatively new Kodi addon is another addon for live sports events. It does not only have the popular ones like football but also some rare ones like darts and golf. There is also a dedicated section for boxing and of course races.

It’s quite successful in satisfying your F1 needs. As the name suggests, it is still rising, and some sections are empty as of now, but you can be sure to see more action in the future.

But whatever it has, can be searched easily without getting you confused. It is well organized. Rising Tides is available at MullaFabz.

Goodfellas 2.0

This updated version of Goodfellas has lots of streaming option for live sports. They have the popular cable channels of the US and also the renowned ones from the UK. There is also a huge list of television shows and movies on-demand and browsing them is easy.

It is available in the Goodfellas repository.

These were few of the options you have to watch F1 live on Kodi for free. Now, let’s see why you need a VPN.

Use a VPN for Kodi streaming

As mentioned above, you can unblock US streaming services with a VPN. When you connect to a VPN server in the VPN for Kodi streamingUS, the server encrypts your network and masks your UK IP address with one from the US.

This tricks the website, and they open their services for you. A good VPN UK provider is the one which gives you a quality service and a strong encryption without any data leaks. ExpressVPN has earned quite a name in the field which you can see why, after you read our ExpressVPN review.

But you have to pay a premium to use ExpressVPN. If you don’t want to, there are freemium options too. The best free VPN UK users can rely on is CyberGhost. It’s a good choice for first-time users who want to get a taste of VPN.

Many of the Kodi live streaming come from illegal sources and if you don’t want to face the consequences, use a VPN. They hide your online activity from the government.

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