How to Watch Telecinco in the UK

Telecinco is one of Spain’s top TV channels and part of the Mediaset Network. It has some bang up to date content and has something for everyone. However, the content that is to come catches most of the attention.

Next year the channel is broadcasting the 2020 UEFA Cup, and in 2022, they have the rights to the FIFA World Cup.

While there are many who want to watch this channel online, it is not that straightforward.

Telecinco Spain’s top TV channel

Saying this, the solution is easy, so there are no real worries about accessing the Telecinco Spain channel.

We will show exactly what you have to do, to watch Telecinco from the UK, or from any other country.

What is on Telecinco to Watch?

There are more than enough shows to cover every taste in viewing. There are tons of movies, TV series, and TV shows that cover everything.

Spain’s Got Talent, Hotel Glam, Aida, Tierra de Lobos, Gran Hermano, and many more.

The biggest issue with watching Telecinco online is that it doesn’t have its own online arm of the company.

Nevertheless, another media streaming company that has it in its channel line-up can enable fans to access the channel.

Where is Telecinco? is the platform where fans of the channel can find Telecinco. This is free for viewers inside Spain.

While it delivers the best of Telecinco, it also has lots of its own great content. There is plenty of football such as Spanish La Liga and also the Copa Del Rey as well as the Euro Cup.

Soccer fans can watch live as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, and more fight it out on a weekly basis.

Live TV comprises Mitele shows such as Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity. Mediaset España Comunicación is the parent company of Telecinco, and as we see, they don’t have an online broadcasting arm.

The streaming media is capable through However, like many top streaming services, you find this geo-blocked for anyone outside Spain.

As soon as the service notices, you are not located in Spain. It puts up the message to tell you that you need to be in the country to watch (In Spanish).

These streaming companies check the IP addresses of the connections, and if these fall outside a given range that are allocated for a particular country, then ‘Telecinco online directo gratis,” is denied.

Here we will see how a good streaming VPN allows access to the best Spanish television channel.

Best VPN to Watch Telecinco

Watching Telecinco Using a VPN

If you try to watch anything in Spain, you find you are geo-restricted in the same way as if you want to watch American Netflix or any other streaming platform in the USA.

VPN’s can get around this problem very easy, although you do need to choose your VPN wisely because not all of them are suitable for this kind of activity.

Here a couple of things you need to run through in finding the best streaming VPN.

  • Select a VPN provider that continually delivers the fastest streaming speeds
  • Choose a VPN which delivers secure encryption
  • Make sure the company has VPN servers in Spain (not every VPN supports every country)

When you choose the right VPN, you will find it offers much more than merely accessing the best ‘telecinco en directo’ in Spain.

They can hide your activities so no hackers can trace anything back to your IP address, or data retention by the government will be fruitless because they won’t know you are a UK resident.

No matter which VPN you select, the steps for operation are very similar (it is the experience that changes).

Here is what you would do with your chosen VPN.

  1. Sign up to the chosen VPN service (this takes a few minutes)
  2. Add your personal details such as email address, payment method, and the plan you desire.
  3. Receive confirmation email and download the app for your devices
  4. Launch the VPN client and paste in the activation code or log in with your username and password
  5. Change the server to one in Spain. This masks your connection and encrypts everything. To anyone watching, your connection now has a Spanish IP address.
  6. Head to the main website of Mitele, and search for Telecinco in their menu.
  7. Browse through the content, or find the Spanish reality show that has the world a buzz.
  8. Click on the play arrow, and now the message you saw previously will no longer be there.


With all of the above information, you can see how simple accessing Spanish channels online can be.

No matter if you are Spanish speaking or you are accessing the international shows or the home football matches. It will be your VPN choice, which makes or breaks your Telecinco, or Mitele experience.

VPN’s are a little too comfortable with their advertising, so any fan of Spanish TV needs to test the services of their VPN before making that final commitment.

Several only offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, and not many offer a free trial (not much use anyway).

The best premium VPN’s offer a no argument 30-day money-back guarantee. This is more than long enough to test all the features and performance of the chosen VPN.

The number one streaming VPN for the UK is ExpressVPN, and it doesn’t falter in any area. It delivers the best streaming experiences, from any country as well as Spain. It also keeps users safe and secure while online.

This VPN just works and delivers everything it promises and much more. Fans of Telecinco can watch live, or they can watch on-demand as if they were sitting somewhere in Spain.

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