How to Watch The Office US Online in the UK

The Office UK was cult viewing at the time, and then America latched on to the show and decided to create their own version.

The first series wasn’t warmed to, but the following eight series became an international hit. This, of course, included the UK.

This is one show where you can go back and watch the office full episodes, or watch the office bloopers to get your dose of laughter.

Watch The Office US Online

For a time this was possible on UK Netflix, but then it vanished from our screens, and the office TV show from the US was nowhere to be found.

Much like a lot of other shows, they are either dropped from UK Netflix, or they are only shown on US Netflix, and as we all know. This content is geo-locked even if you have a Netflix subscription.

Here we will take a look at how to get US Netflix and also how you can watch the office online.

Bypassing Geo Locked Content

To be able to circumvent restrictions imposed by Netflix US to access their content, the first thing you will require is Netflix US to accessa VPN service.

This software will mask your IP address to make you appear like you are a US resident. The apps do this by encrypting your data and sending it across their own network to one of their servers in the USA.

At this point, you then connect to Netflix so you can see what’s on Netflix like you were right there.

Although this sounds very simple, there is plenty of work which goes on behinds the scenes in a Netflix VPN which works.

This is because Netflix has a continual battle with VPN’s to block access, so making sure you have the best VPN for the job is crucial, or you can wind up wasting your hard earned cash.

Other Ways to Watch the Office US

It is possible to watch the office US in different ways, but these can turn out very expensive. A perfect example is Amazon.

To view it here you can pay £2.49 per episode or £6.99 per season. With 9 seasons of viewing this is very expensive and is for only 1 TV show.

The Office streaming is pretty straightforward using a VPN, and the hardest part can be choosing the best VPN to use in the UK.

Choosing the Right VPN

VPN’s come in two flavours. Free and Premium, and now you are wondering why you need to pay for an extra service.

Number one is the fact that you never really get anything for free. VPN services are no different in this respect.

If you manage to find a free VPN that works with Netflix for an extended period, you have done a remarkable job.

free VPN for NetflixFree VPN services come in two flavours just to make things a little more complicated. Entirely free are usually a little suspicious in their activities.

A VPN is supposed to protect your data from being collected and used by third parties.

Entirely free VPNs can collect your data and sell it to third parties. They have unlimited access to everything you do.

Some have also been seen to sell your bandwidth to other parties without you knowing. Free VPN’s are best avoided.

The second type, are the promotional vehicles for fully paid up offerings and a good example here is Windscribe.

You can check out the Tunnelbear review and see it does allow access to US Netflix. It offers a very generous data cap of 10GB per month, but this is still nowhere near enough to cover more than casual browsing.

The Very Best VPN

The best VPN service you can sign up for will provide a hefty amount of features, and there are many which are expensive and don’t offer a full range, or they are located in countries where the government might ask for records of user connections.

ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix USThe very best VPN you can search for will be based outside these five countries and will allow access to any content you wish to watch regardless of where you are located.

You will also find connection speeds will take a slight hit, and some smaller VPN providers can’t offer speedy connections due to small global networks.

You can check the ExpressVPN review and compare a world class VPN provider, with either second tier providers or free VPN services.

It is quickly evident what you will receive, and what you won’t receive from these different services.

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