How to Watch US Open Live in the UK

It’s almost that time again. US Open tennis time. Can Roger Federer maintain his impressive form from the year?

Will this be Andy Murray’s first grand slam tournament final of 2018? Well, you could always read about it all the day after. You could wait for the next set of memes on your social media feed and piece it all together from thereā€¦ But why not just watch it all live?

US Open of Tennis

‘This content is blocked in your country.’

Reason number one might go a little something like this. If you try to access live games through an ESPN online service, from the UK, you may find difficulties.

Difficulties like not being able to see a single thing. As though ESPN really was at the game, but instead of a camera to film the match, they decided to use a potato.

Fortunately, ESPN does film the games. With costly, very high-quality cameras. So do other channels. Sadly, many of these channels have restrictions of content put into place for UK viewers. Restrictions which depends entirely upon your location. Or, to be more accurate, your geo-location.

blocked country by US OpenThere is a difference. A geo-location is interested in where your online activity is coming from. And for sporting channels with online streams, this information is valuable.

Individual countries will be blocked from viewing. Blacklisted. So if you appear to be located in a blocked country, you won’t be getting any live vision.

VPN Virtual Private Networks allow you to work from a different IP address. Like, say, an IP address located in San Diego.

Convenient. Especially when services such as ESPN, Eurosports, BeIn Sports and the like rely on this address to block (or not-block) content. Other services only change the settings of your DNS server.

We won’t go into the tech details of it all, but VPNs take it a little further. By using another IP address entirely, VPNs also make your online streaming anonymous. Not a bad added bonus, right?

So if you had already given up, and were content with watching US open live scores pop up on Google, take another breath. There is still hope.

What to do

ExpressVPN unlock US OpenThe best UK VPNs are good enough to need a little explaining. ExpressVPN UK will walk you through the steps from download to viewing in no time.

So if Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are warming up on the main court, there’s still time for setup. Other VPN services are offered for free. If you want to take this option, I would recommend NordVPN. However, if you want the most reliable stream, I would stick with Express.

Thanks to VPNs, US open tennis live streaming has never been easier. Watch all of the US Open 2017 with the help of ExpressVPN, and keep your identity private. Then sit back and enjoy the game of gentlemen.

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