How to Watch Wentworth Online in the UK

Without the rest of the world finding out, there are some movies and TV shows from Australia, which deserve worldwide attention.

Wentworth began from very shaky roots many years ago, when there was a complete reimagining of Prisoner Cell Block H.

Back in 2013, the first of the 81 Wentworth episodes were aired on Foxtel and instantly became a firm favourite.

Watch Wentworth Online in Netflix

Here, we will take a look at the show before finding where you can go back and watch Wentworth season 6 and any previous other Wentworth Prison seasons before season 7 is due to hit the Netflix streaming service very soon.

Wentworth Characters and Episode Guide

This quick episode guide runs through season 6 and season 7 full episodes.

Wentworth Season 6

  1. Clean Slate – Franky fights to prove she is innocent, and the staff is in conflict.
  2. The Boxer – Ruby has to fight against her will, and Jake makes a decision about how to go forward with Vera.
  3. Bleed Out
  4. Winter is Here – Jake confesses he buried Joan. Alive.
  5. Bitter Pill
  6. Angel of Wentworth – Sonia, and Liz are going to be interviewed on the radio.
  7. The Edge
  8. Lovers and Fighters – Ruby’s personal information becomes public knowledge
  9. Shallow Grave
  10. Fractured
  11. Indelible Ink – Marie is a step closer to finding the killer of her son
  12. Showdown – The season finale ends in a final showdown, and leaves it hanging for season 7.

Season 7 Wentworth Standout Episodes

Without giving anything away, here are some rough pointers to how the story unfolds in this prison drama series.

Blood Wedding sees the prison on tenterhooks. Rita Conners is out for revenge. Rita and Kaz Proctor form an alliance against Marie, and there is a surprise in the new acting deputy.

Halfway through season 7, both the staff and prisoners mourn the loss of their top dog.

A couple of episodes later in Bad Blood, as an implosion is very close, and all the prisoners are on edge.

Some characters have been in and gone such as a long-time favourite Bea Smith who starred in classic episodes from way back in season 3, Blood and Fire.

We will now look where to watch Wentworth Prison episodes.

Where to Watch Wentworth Prison in the UK

Just to clarify, season 7 of Wentworth will hit Netflix once it has aired on Foxtel in Australia. Currently, it is halfway through and is due finish in a few weeks.

This means whoever finds it one of their favourite shows doesn’t have long to wait.

It may appear strange that an Australian prison drama ends up on US Netflix. Unfortunately, that is how it goes, so that is where you can watch Wentworth episodes online of this gritty and harsh drama from Australia.

Luckily, when you use a good VPN, it is straightforward to access the US Netflix library, so there is no problem to watch online.

Here will see how easy it is to sign up for US Netflix, and for a best in class VPN. Users who already have a UK Netflix subscription can skip the signup procedure for Netflix and jump to the VPN section.

Watching Wentworth to bypass geo-restrictions using VPN

Watching Wentworth on US Netflix

Although you can sign up for Netflix from any country, the service defaults to that region once you log in.

It is for this reason that a VPN is required, so you can spoof the streaming service into thinking you are inside the USA and watch Wentworth Prison episodes online on American Netflix.

When signing up, you can easily do this from the web and the main Netflix page, or if you install the mobile app from the Google Play Store, you can do it through there.

One thing to note with attempting it with the mobile app, it may not work as quickly as the webpage. This is because Android apps and the Play Store are also faced with geo-restrictions.

Netflix comes with three plans. The Basic plan allows you to stream on one device in lower quality.

The Standard plan means you have access to two streams in HD, and the Premium Plan allows you to stream to 4 devices in HD quality up to 4k.

  1. Head to in a browser.
  2. Click the “Join Free for a Month” button – Netflix offers a one month free trial for new subscribers
  3. Select “See the Plans”
  4. Add an email address and unique password
  5. Click on Register
  6. On the payments page, select the mode of payment. Netflix accepts debit or credit cards,
  7. PayPal (in the USA) or Netflix Gift Cards (Available online)
  8. Select “Start Membership”
  9. Select your Netflix devices and click on “Continue.”

Using a VPN for Netflix

The way these VPN’s work is by encrypting all your data, and spoofing your IP address, and adding a new one.

Once the app is installed, all you need to do is to change the country to the USA, once you do this and log into Netflix, you can proceed with your Wentworth streaming binge.

The best VPN for streaming is ExpressVPN; this delivers the best speeds, so you find there is less chance of buffering when you watch any episodes online.

On top of this, they continually bypass any VPN checks that Netflix makes. If you find you are blocked, they have 24/7 live chat and the staff know which servers you need to access.

When you sign up, which is easy and only involves a three-step process. You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

This matches up to the free period on Netflix, so you can sign up at the same time and watch Wentworth online free.

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