How to Install Zem TV on Kodi

There are hundreds of add-ons for Kodi which claim to be the be all and end all of the add-ons. They promise a lot and fail to deliver.

It can be no source available of the quality of the streams isn’t very good, and there are lots of buffering and stuttering.

Zem TV on KodiFor Kodi users who scour around for good quality add-ons which offer something different might be interested in Zem TV.

This is a diamond in the rough and is full of rare channels you won’t find anywhere else in one place.

The Basics of Zem TV

This add-on contains plenty of TV channels from all genres and includes plenty of Asian sports and things as diverse as Zem TV Pakistani talk shows.

The vast range of channels and programs is different, and there is plenty to keep every Kodi user interested in local shows, American items and the wealth of Indian channels it brings.

Warning About Using Add-ons

Kodi faced a clampdown on the third-party add-ons, and this came from many areas who were trying to prevent copyright infringement.

Not only this, ISP’s log user browsing activity, so they know which sites you have accessed.

These ISP’s also are well known to throttle connections when streaming is taking place.

There is also the matter that some of the content is geo-blocked and can’t be accessed from the UK.

As a result, it is advised to make use of the best UK VPN service to bypass these restrictions. How to do this will follow the Zem TV installation directions.

Installing Zem TV on Kodi

To be sure, you should check you have ‘enable third-party add-ons from unknown sources’ checked in the system settings menu.

Guide on Installing Zem TV on Kodi

  • Launch your Kodi app
  • Click the Gear icon in the top left-hand corner of the home screen.
  • Select File Manager.
  • Double click on the Add source option from the left-hand list.
  • From here the Add source pop up box will be displayed. Click on the highlighted line ‘None’.
  • In the text field, enter the following URL – and click on the Done button.
  • In the Name the media source box, type Kodil (or any other name) and then click on the OK button.
  • Once you have added this, navigate back to the home screen, and Select Add-ons.
  • Select and click on the opened box icon at the top left.
  • Select Install from zip file.
  • Now, Click on Kodil that you named earlier.
  • From here select (Or the filename you gave earlier)
  • Now you need to wait for a notification message box to show in the top right of your screen.
  • Once you see this, on the same screen, click on Install from repository.
  • Now, choose Kodil Repository.
  • Select Video add-ons, or any of the other categories.
  • Select from the list.
  • Select and click on install.
  • When this has installed, you will see another installation pop-up box in the top right of the screen.
  • Once installed you can go to Add-ons > Video Add-on and select Zem TV.

What You Will Find on Zem TV Kodi Add-on

For Indian, Punjabi and live Pakistani TV there is no better add-on than Zem TV. Bollywood greatness is at your fingertips, and there is also a massive sporting section, most of which are live.

Zem TV Kodi Add-on

Other areas of interest on this best Kodi build are:

Indian / Pakistani Shows & Dramas

Here you will find 25 sub-categories which you can choose different language options. For lovers of Indian dramas or Pak TV live. This is the best area, and no one will be disappointed.

Pakistani – Indian & Punjabi Live Channels

Before opening any of these Pakistani channels on Kodi for the first time, it will take a few moments for the channels to be indexed. Once this has completed, you are faced with hundreds of options.

Kodi Movies

This Kodi movies add-on pulls sources from Einthusan which is a popular service on the web to present UK viewers with a vast range of movies.

Sporting Channels

Currently, there are 21 differing sports channels available via Zem TV add-on. This is more than enough for all of the UK’s sporting fans.

Access all Areas of Zem TV

As was mentioned earlier, Kodi is continually faced by clampdowns on the third-party add-ons which give users to content for free.

At one point Zem TV Kodi itself was a victim. However, it is back and bigger and better than it was previously.

Agencies now target users for accessing this content which they deem as illegal, and which many countries do apart from the UK.

This limits a viewer’s choice, so A VPN service is ideally placed to mask your connection. Once this happens, your data is encrypted so an ISP or other government agency will be unaware of what sites you’re accessing.

This is the only way how to get Zem TV on Kodi and make use of it to the fullest, and in the most secure manner.

There are many options for VPN’s, and they are heavily marketed, but in a few instances, this marketing is overselling the companies service, and what they can offer.

PureVPN is a victim of its own hype, and it touts itself as being able to access all content with warp speed. If this were entirely true, our recommendation would differ to UK users.

This VPN service suffers from DNS and IPV4 leaks (no good when governments are watching), and to boot it suffers from slow speeds.

This makes any viewing of Pakistani channels using Kodi unsafe and also not a very good viewing experience if there is buffering.

The best UK recommended VPN is ExpressVPN. It comes with bank-grade security, 24/7 365 live chat, the fastest download speeds for streaming and torrents, and not to mention the raft of device and platform compatibility it supports.

It is without a doubt, the ideal VPN service to make full use of Zem TV or the many other quality add-ons you might be able to find which are still working.

For complete security and pleasure, you will find you can have both using this quality VPN.

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